How does one train for High Performance Squash?

Physical, Psychological, Tactical, Technical are often considered to be the 4 main areas for training sport and Squash.

Beginner players can just play matches of their sport and they will improve for over 100 hours doing so.

Intermediate players will slowly begin to stagnate if they just play matches beyond 200 hours.

Advanced players will deteriorate if they just play matches!

Look at the many club players who simply play matches endlessly at “training”, they stagnate their game and become comfortable with enjoying just playing. Fundamentally they’ve stopped improving and have entered the long slow decline into old age, and have their own reasons for not undertaking specific training that could continually improve their proficiency in the sport / squash that they love competing in. Perhaps work, family, study or other things take up too much head space and so people become resigned to their “lot”, believing they have reached their full potential and can now, and into the future simply play matches.

There is an alternative. Love All Sports Training.

If a squash player wants to improve to become a high performance athlete they genuinely need coaching, fitness training, psychological training and to undertake prolonged consistent sport specific training. Now we may not believe nor even desire to become a full time athlete on a professional tour or circuit, earning a living from our athleticism, or we may want that with a burning passion – either way Love All Sports Training can improve those willing to do the work required.

I hope viewers of this website can gather some resources from these blogs that inspire them to develop themselves in squash, or the sports they prefer, or the subject matters that can be found at

Kind regards, David Jarvis.

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