Aikido and The Ways of Peace

We are not pacifists. We are aggressively peaceful. When a soldier of hate raises their hand against a sentient, we will place our hand between the sentient and the soldier. We will grapple with the soldier of hate in such a way that we express we are an Anti-Soldier of Love. Our Way will be a Way of Peace and even what seems to be violent will spiritually be Peaceful.

This way already exists, it is aikido.

We roll with the punches, we harmonise with our opponent, we submit our opponent with an optimal amount of force that does not cause permanent harm. When we fall we are closer to the ground and thus have less far to fall.

We parry strikes, we redirect energy, we block, we strike safe places, places that cause pain – but not damage. We use nerve pinches to make violent people submit to peace and we help them restrain themselves and once they are self-restrained, we back away and give them space and time to recover, we remain in an optimally ready response stance so that we are neither giving the other position to attack us, nor attack any one else nearby, nor are we being so close that the other is threatened.

We are water and formless when forms of violence attack!

We are defensive, we are proactively peaceful by being ready to defend.

We never use violence first, never! We are not the tyrants who would force unconditional surrender, instead we are the lightest of foes, ready to submit ourselves if we are wrong! We accept violence is communication, but we are masters of communication and so must be masters of both what seems to be violence and/or peace – but is in actuality just communication.

We are there when politics fail, for we are the anti-soldiers of love.

Peaceful Purposeful Communications through Aikido.

We are not Connor Mcgregor abusing people, smiling with immoral powerfulness and making millions, we are Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido, master of grabbling and gentleness, but with speed and strength and knowledge of human physiology and ways that lessen harm, even lessening the harm of the violent, through grappling with them.

We do not prepare for War with weapons of overpowering might and power, we prepare for peace with instruments of grappling and harmonising.

We do not strike for permanent harm, we strike to reduce an observably direct greater harm.

If the other is aiming to strike our exposed throat, we will tuck in our chin and protect the soft spots.

If the other comes at us with direct speed and power, we will redirect their speed and power safely.

If our shirt is ripped, we will repair it!

If I am pushed over and off balance I will aim for a new balance in a safer position, perhaps with more distance, or perhaps using the other as a counter balance. I am water, and water can be either a drop that cannot be touched nor held in hand as it falls from the sky, or I can be a Tidal Wave from an underwater earthquake or anything else that is water like.

When I choke another to unconsciousness, I will release the choke so that they can breath and I will check their breathing and I may even give the other kiss of life and cpr to ensure they remain alive.

If I grapple an other to the ground, I will cradle their neck for it is easy to harm the neck. If I am holding an arm lock, I am restraining the harm but enhancing the pain safely to increase submission of a violent other.

If there is no fight in them, there is no fight in me. If there is peace in them, there is peace in me.

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