Morihei Ueshiba Lifespan Duration

“The following year, he had a profound spiritual experience, stating that, “a golden spirit sprang up from the ground, veiled my body, and changed my body into a golden one.” After this experience, his martial arts skill appeared to be greatly increased.”

I David Jarvis have had such an experience on the 8th August 2021, I have yet to test its physicality, only its spirit! And yes, mine is not golden yellow, it is white gold inside me, but was sunlight gold bursting through a window as I came out of my toilet and I fell back, as if struck by the light itself, a full step staggering back into the toilet door unbalanced, and not blind but blinded, and yet seeing much more clearly everything. I walked to the window and I saw my neighbours steel fence through the Pear tree, and Paul’s bright white boat shining and I knew more than I had ever known.

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