Protecting Children’s Welfare!

I awoke at about 3 am and these thoughts all came to me in a flash of inspiration – that has taken me hours to write out, and it is the most valuable writings I have ever done! For with them expressed we are now closer to the Garden of Eden being more fully expressed on Earth.

I have come for the children’s safety, they are not being protected as they should be.

Jehovah needs and wants us to do better protecting all children and so I will share how we must/shall/can do this.

First we will assume that all children are being abused – for Satan is of this world and all our children are on this world, thus Satan has access to them all.

So we must give all our children greater access to Jehovah than the access they have to Satan, or than Satan has to Them.

Thus if a parent is abusing their child, which is a woe for us all, we need Jehovah to be in the room watching the acts, for JW is, has been using the scriptures to protect the abusers. And I am sad for us all, that we have previously misread the scriptures and used them to protect the abusers by being silent. We will not be silent any more.

We will tell our Witnesses that we needs to do more…thus.

We will have an app that does many things but it will do these things first of all.

The app will be as perfect a copy of the Living Bible as we can make it. And it will show parents and children how to make a report to ourselves as Jehovah Witnesses and to Secular Authority simultaneously or seperately! With a single button click/choice that is so easy the Abusers will fear their own child’s ability to talk with Righteous Ones. We will give so great a Voice to our Children that at every opportunity Parents will be able to show that these are the right things to do for healthy child growth and development.

So, the rules are – if adults have ten rules over the children, then the children will have ten rules over the adults… and they already do!

A Holy Parent Isn’t Necessarily a Biological Parent : Photo by JJ Jordan on

We a crying infant is unable to feed themselves, the Holy Parent is there listening to the child’s cries and thinking “My child cries, they could be hungry, or tired, or hurt, or lonely.” And the Holy Parent does everything they can think of to quiet their child, they take the child in their arms and sooth the child, they spoon the food into the child’s mouth because the child cannot even hold a spoon. The Holy Parent must facilitate their child’s communication with Jesus and with Secular authority – not as a means of moving the children outside of Godly things, but as a means of protecting the child from abusers who claim to follow Jehovah but are liars!

So We will use the app as a reporting service of the child’s growth and development.

There will be processes and outcomes like the following…

When a child is learning how to go to the toilet, they will make reports in Our app that they are learning how to be Clean. The app will give the parents and the child a way to press a button that records that on such and such a day and time, the child went to the toilet on their own in privacy, or with their parent viewing, as is appropriate.

So the child may not even be able to speak or write, nor rationally understand scripture, but they may be able to press a touchscreen and thus record that the child has been to the toilet unassisted and is now caring for this part of their own cleanliness.

We shall call that a toilet certificate. An expression of the child’s Free Will and an expression of the Holy Parents love for the child, for we want our Children to be clean and toilet themselves -do we not?!

And on our app, there will be an appropriate touching button as easy to press as can be!

So that a five year old child can press this button and list and record the people who touched them today, or on any other day. The button means this.

I am a child and I need touch for healthy growth and development, but I do not need to be touched inappropriately – I do not need to be abused!

So the Holy Parent will provide means for the child to be open about Healthy touching, for they will be able to report to Jehovah Witnesses that on such and such a day, my loving parents hugged me and that felt good, or that on such and such a day I was rebuked for an action and the parent has disciplined the child, but also that on such and such a day after my toilet certificate, someone else touched me, potentially an abuser, for the child who has a toilet certificate cannot be touched in the toilet even by their own parent, unless sickness or ill health is disabling the child from cleaning themselves.

And when the child is ten years old, there will be another button that says “I am ten and because I am approaching adolescence I need to know more about appropriate touching, touching that is loving and kind and gentle and in the ways of loving, not in the ways of abusing.” So that the ten year old can say by pressing a single button.

Today no one but myself has held my penis whilst I went to the toilet, or that no one else but myself has wiped my vagina after I went to the toilet, or that no one else, not even my Holy Parents have wiped my anus, because I have a toilet certificate and thus am able to clean myself of my own wastes. And this is a good thing – for cleanliness is Godly and Virtuous. Thus we empower the children who both are with Holy Parents and those who are with Abusers.

For even the abusive parents or the Loving Parents who believe they are with God, must be tempered with Holy Fear, and Righteous Anger and Righteous Prudence!

And when the child is 15 years old and has their toilet certificate and their knowledge of appropriate touch certificate, and are entering adolescence they will apply for a Sexual Permission certificate and undertake Good and Honest and Loving education about healthy sexual practices, including masturbation, touching a loving and consenting partner, kissing, and holding hands, touching a breast with permission from the owner of the breast, touching a penis, with permission from the owner of the penis, and so forth for each of the actions and inactions of healthy sexuality.

So the Holy Parent will be teaching their children what is Holy Sex! What is Loving Sex! We will provide comfort to those children who are growing in a world that denigrates Holy Love and Holy Sex, we will show and prove that as Jehovah Witnesses part of our Witness is Healthy Sexuality, and thus we must prove that we undertake education of Our children, we must keep records of such things, for in the past we have hidden the abusers away with secrecy by Default!

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I tell you All, we must not be secret about Abuse! The Old way of needing another person to view the evil and unholy act for a Child to be believed IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Jehovah demands that we do better – for Abusers hide their evil ways, the Abusers force the children to be silent, the Abusers make the child say “sorry” when the child does not need to even Be Sorry! The Abusers make the children quiet and voiceless with the Abusers physical power over the children.

What child who is 5 years old can resist a Grown Man or Woman? None! None at all! So it must be Jehovah Witnesses who stand next to the 5 year old and say – this child cannot even protect themselves from the Abusers, so I will stand next to them, I will be so close that the child knows all they need do is press a single button and the entire faithful will Listen like Lightning but also ACT with openness that brings the potential incident(s) into the light! We will not investigate behind closed doors like the Witnesses have done in the past – we will instead investigate without Doors at all, instead we will investigate with Open windows and Open doors and without walls, we will investigate in the full floodlights and open lights of Jehovah!

For a parent that is in the Full Light of Jehovah loves to be rebuked and reproofed by their fellow Witnesses, for it is scripture that Good Men and Good Women are open about learning Good things. And protecting children, even their own children, is always a good thing! But even the protection must have a means of redressing Abusive behaviour!

A Childs Armour Maybe Cardboard but better than silence. : Photo by cottonbro on

We must show the children that they have a voice that is not silent, but is as loud as the Godly Spirits, a voice that counteracts the evil of the abusers, a voice that overcomes the abusers needs for silence and secrecy!

Here are my preliminary scriptures that show that Jehovah has already told us to do these things, to make the app I am suggesting, not with humility but with Righteous Cold and Hard Fury, with Godly Indignation! I will not permit any Witness to be silent about Child Abuse any longer!

Through this kingdom of God all painful suffering will be abolished. No one will suffer on account of injustices, oppression or lawlessness of any kind. The principal ruler, Jesus Christ, will see to that. As to his manner of handling affairs, the Bible says: “He will not judge by any mere appearance to his eyes, nor reprove simply according to the thing heard by his ears. And with righteousness he must judge the lowly ones, and with uprightness he must give reproof in behalf of the meek ones of the earth.”​—Isa. 11:3, 4.

No one will suffer on account of injustices, oppression or lawlessness of any kind! No one will suffer! So we must take a proactive stance about suffering and injustice – we will openly show our children how to Attack injustice, even in their own Homes. We will show the Children that even though their unholy abusers are oppressing the children with “bad stuff”, the Children can be un-oppressed, can be expressed and removed from their oppression! And we will show the children that with a press of a single button they themselves become an expression of the Law of God!

“Since you are awaiting these things, do your utmost to be found finally by him spotless and unblemished and in peace.”​—2 Pet. 3:14.

Since we are waiting for Jesus return, and the Ultimate presence of Jehovah, our utmost to be finally spotless, unblemished and in peace is thus : Our app provides evidence and records keeping opportunities for parents and children to show that the relationship is spotless and is unblemished and is in peace, for we will actively record these things, spotless, and unblemished and peacefulness between child and parent! We will make reporting worthwhile relationship Parenting and Child growth and development so EASY that no Abuser can say they were tempted by evil because of Our absence! We will say instead – you have had a thousand ways to be Loving and Kind to your Children and you must/should use them as an expression of your own Free Will and as an expression of your child’s free will – for you have a kind of Ultimate power over your child and any blemish or spots or violence that happen, even without intent or even with intent, will be recorded for Jehovah Witnesses to see and observe, whether it be good or evil, or action or inaction!

“If we really want an earth without pain, we must show it by striving hard not to cause others needless pain, emotional or physical.” in An Earth Without Pain, The Watchtower Announcing Jehovah’s Kingdom 1976.

And our App will ask the children of Holy Parents “In what ways have you been hurt today?” “In what ways have you been loved today by your Parents?” “In what ways have your Parents lessened or taken away your pain today?” We will strive to promote anti-abuse, and strive to make abuse so easy to avoid or be seen that the abusers will feel and know that even their own children have Jehovah standing right next to them at all times! For what child today does not have access to an app? Our phone apps are pervasive – so let us use them pervasively for Good!

Reading the Word Safely : Photo by Julia M Cameron on

Empathy attracts. When we are discouraged or depressed, we are drawn to a fellow human who can comprehend our circumstances and share our pain. How much more we are drawn to Jehovah, a compassionate God who feels our pain and understands the reason for our tears!​—Psalm 56:8.

Empathy attracts. But abusers isolate, reject and keep secrets. Thus the app will ask empathetic questions! How much love do you feel for your parents today my child? What is the most loving act your parent did for you today my child? What discussion did your Holy Mother and Holy Father have today, in YOUR presence that showed they are being Transparent and Open about Your welfare! Parents become tyrants because they believe they are perfectly righteous and loving, but we all make mistakes! A mistake can be rectified if it is acknowledged, but the JW way’s of secrecy about abusive parenting are themselves mistakes! They are not scripture to hide away such things to protect all concerned or to protect Our Organisation! Our Entire Organisation is LESS valuable than a single hair on an innocent child’s head! If we needs to tear down the entire organisation to protect a single child, then that is a worthwhile thing to do, for Institutions are not as valuable as lives! Do you see? Our own free will has empowered Institutions towards secrecy for Abusers fear rebuke and reproof! Inaction can be evil! So we must act faithfully.

We will give a way for Children to share their pain with Jehovah! We will show Holy Parents and Abusive Parents the reasons for their own childrens tears.

“God himself will be with them. And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”—Revelation 21:3, 4.

The former things will pass away! Jehovah Witnesses former stance on protecting Abusers will pass away! If we imagine that Jehovah Witnesses can only help or redress only what is known, then we must make it easy for such things to be known! Our new stance, in this Garden of Eden we are building will be this – All Children of Jehovah Witnesses have access to our app, which gives them opportunity to report Good and/or Evil, to report Healthy acts and Unhealthy acts, to report loving acts and/or hateful acts! Our new stances is ambivalence. We will not even care that you are the parent, or rather we will care more for your child than we will care for your parenting pride! For your child needs proactive protection from the Evil Abusers who are known to hide abuse! Since we want neither mourning, nor crying, nor pain to exist at all – to achieve our Garden on Earth, we must give opportunity to express crying, mourning and pain so accurately that Jehovah Witnesses can redress these things with the Love of God.

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All satanic influence will be gone when Satan and the demons are bound and hurled into “the abyss,” a state of total inactivity. They will no longer exercise their evil control over human affairs. What a relief it will be to live in a world free from the influence of Satan and the wicked spirits!

Yes what a relief will the Abusers feel! For they do not want to be Abusive! Satan is wicked, he does twist loving people into unloving acts. We will untwist Satan’s opposition. We will highlight truth, honesty, virtue, love, in actions and inactions. Satan will see God’s children have a direct button to press that will reach Jehovah Witnesses and even the pathetic yet “mighty” Satan will fear children! We will make our children so powerful that Satan himself will know that any abuse of children, even any hint of abuse of children will cause such a stir of Love and righteousness that Satan himself will be exposed to our Witnesses! If a child falls and skins a knee because they are playing, we will say “Report your pain to the app my child. Keep a record, for one day that record will be used by Witnesses to remove the pain you felt today, from others tomorrow!” And if Jehovah Witnesses feel need to rebuke a parent or reproof a parent – then that is a Good and Godly thing to do, for we are all responsible for all the children all the time.

Great benefits will come from divine education: In the new world, “the earth will certainly be filled with the knowledge of Jehovah.” (Isaiah 11:9) This divine education will include instruction on how to live in peace with all people and in harmony with the environment. God promises: “I, Jehovah, am your God, the One teaching you to benefit yourself, the One causing you to tread in the way in which you should walk.”—Isaiah 48:17.

Yes, praise Jehovah! Great benefits will come from the divine education that will be presented in this app, that all our children will have access to. The knowledge of Jehovah will be so close to the child that even as the child is being touched by an Abuser – the abuser does not even know that their abuse is being recorded! For another button on the app will be a recording button that will access the device/phone’s microphone and camera and video camera. So that a child can be in their bed and press that button knowing that an abuser is going to come into their room at some time, and the abuse will be recorded and Witnessed, even by those who are not there – but are Truly There in spirit! We will show the children that they can benefit themselves, with a single press of a button. Our instructions on how to live in peace with all people, will show the abusers that even they themselves can rebuke themselves in such a way as to save their own embarrassment about doing the abusive things. We will surround the abusers with opportunities for Love to stop or lessen their abusive ways, for they know what they do, and they do not know what they do!

Peace and righteousness will prevail forever: Under Christ’s rulership, lawlessness will be a thing of the past. How do we know that? Because Jesus is able to read hearts, and he will use that ability to judge between the righteous and the wicked. Those who refuse to change their wicked ways will not be allowed to live in God’s new world.—Psalm 37:9, 10; Isaiah 11:3, 4; 65:20; Matthew 9:4.

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Righteousness will prevail forever! Lawlessness will be a thing of the past! We will enable our Children to write what is in their hearts so that We are able to read it! We are not Jesus, we cannot read the hearts of children we do not even know, nor have ever met! So we will give the children the app and encourage them to use it so that Jehovah Witnesses are able to read the childrens hearts. Those Holy Parents who refuse the app – we will assume they are Abusers! For the app will become an expression of Holy Parental Love and to be inactive about using the app will itself be an abuse! For the Greatest Abuse is to do no good – to be inactive about good things. Neglect is the single greatest harm that children suffer world wide, this is a known fact. Thus we will overcome neglect, by giving the Holy Children means of expression about important things.

When God’s Kingdom exercises rulership over the earth, an “abundance of peace” will prevail forever. (Psalm 37:11, 29) All the causes of pain and suffering that have plagued mankind will be undone. We have God’s own word on it: “Look! I am making all things new. . . . These words are faithful and true.”—Revelation 21:5.

The app is and will be an expression of the abundance of peace! Peace will be so pervasive and easy to discover and find, that even 5 years olds will be able to report to Jehovah Witnesses and/or secular authorities, and even a 5 year old will be able to press a button to record their own abuse that is happening to them, or even that the child is themselves feeling abusive! For if a child is angry and violent should not Jehovah become involved? For why is the child angry and violent? It is because angry and violent is their most effective communication about abusiveness! A child who is angry and violent is being truthful, so we must listen to their truth and give them a way to express such anger and violence that it redresses the issues/problems/behaviours that surround the child!

The child who acts out – is the child most in need of Jehovah’s Witnesses, an acting out child is saying “something is wrong and I have no other way to express myself, please help me.”

So there will a button that says “I feel like breaking the rules. Or I have broken some rules.” and when Jehovah Witnesses discover a child feels like breaking the rules, we will take that as communication that an Abuser is making abusive rules against the child’s welfare!

These are my preliminary thoughts about this topic of Child Welfare.

copyright 2021 David Jarvis.


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