The Holy Children’s Rod.

“haste of the times, friendships can get relegated to a lower priority. But our need for friends remains acute. Young people in particular feel this need. As Yaël, quoted above, explains, “when you are young, you need to feel accepted and to belong, to feel close to someone.” Young or old, we all need happy and meaningful friendships. And despite the challenges, there is much we can do to make and keep real friends.” Awake, We All Need Friends.

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Todays children use their phones to connect with friends. Let us make it easy to connect with Jehovah’s friends and their children. Children of today are already being drawn into Satan’s works on the internet! Our idleness and our patience in this matter is an AFFRONT to God and Jesus and the entire host of Angels! Satan laughs at our hesitation! Satan says this “Ah I have made these generous and loving kind people doubt their own reactions, they no longer even need me to oppose God’s work, because they hesitate themselves from doing God’s work!” Bah. Speed and Haste I say with God’s Indignation, We must be Jesus tipping over the market place and making a mess of all these people who are not in our temple doing our work! They think they are in the Temple, but they are not even here in spirit, only in body, and that body has no value in our Temple / Hall.

“hast vowed.” A must in fulfilling dedication vows is sharing regularly in preaching the good news of the Kingdom for the purpose of a witness to all nations. This Jehovah’s witnesses delight to do, and they prove it by diligently arranging their personal affairs so as to always have time and energy to engage in the preaching work.” The Watchtower 1957, Announcements.

Good, hast vowed. Good! Yes! Our childrens Jehovah App will show all children how to engage with Jehovah, by having a place to share and preach the good news of the Kingdom! And because it is online and going to be freely available, the nations will all be able to Witness it themselves. We delight to prove we a diligent, so diligent that we will even open our OWN Households and Homes to Transparency, Cooperation and Openness so that we are Living Expressions of God’s own Free Will, We choose to express our Free will by being absorbed by Jehovah’s Will.

“A Compassionate Medical Examiner

How did Tottie and Ken react to their loss? Tottie told Awake!: “As soon as I realized what had happened, I called 911, the emergency services. The paramedics and the police arrived in haste along with a medical examiner. They were all so kind and compassionate. Of course, doubts rushed to my mind​—what had I done or failed to do that could have caused this?

“The medical examiner calmed my fears. He explained that he had lost a child in the same circumstances nine years earlier. ‘There was nothing you could have done to prevent it,’ he assured me. ‘Even if you had been standing by the crib with a monitor, you could not have saved her.’ He added: ‘You cannot anticipate it and you cannot prevent it. In certain cases, everything just shuts down at once, and at present there is no way of knowing the cause.’ I am sure that his remarks saved me from a lot of guilt and self-incrimination.”” Sids – A Parents Daily Fear. Awake! 1988.

We are working on Sids! That crib with a monitor – that is the Phone we will give our Children, that has the app that monitors the Child, so that Jehovah is closer to the Children, and our Practical expression of bringing Jehovah to Our Children, is to bring that phone app as close as possible! And symbolically the phone app is an expression of the Living Bible Word and Spirit, because we are going to make it precisely that to our utter best achievable abilities! And we’re going to incrementally improve it every way we can! We will ask the fools, the children, the abusers, the politicians, the educators, the students, the witnesses, the black, the white, the asians, the indigenous, ALL OF US ARE THE CHILDREN in Jehovah’s eyes! So the app is for us too, not just the “children”, We parents and adults need to realise that our Adulthood is actually childhood, nay even infant hood, we are as crying babies compared to Jehovah and Jesus Christ who are expressed in the Living Bible! Our Adulthood sometimes lessens our God-hood!

“Become Skilled in Your Work

WHEN it comes to work, Jehovah is the great Expender. He never tires of carrying out his purposes, he always completes what he starts out to do and he works with consummate skill. As we consider his works of creation we are impelled to exclaim: “O Jehovah, how manifold are thy works! In wisdom hast thou made them all.”—Ps. 104:24, AS.*

Jehovah’s example as a worker was followed by Christ Jesus. In the first place he worked alongside his Father in the monumental task of building the universe. Then, upon being sent to earth, he worked faithfully with consuming zeal and great skill, accomplishing the threefold purpose for which he had been sent, namely, to bear witness to the truth, to give his life a ransom for man, and to vindicate his Father’s name by maintaining integrity under test.”

Are you energised yet my new friend, we have much work to do!

Know this. And now is the time to tell it…

Can’t get a job any way, so my peaceful position is mostly irrelevant.

One reason I do not “work” in Australia is because I will have to pay taxes and those taxes will be utilised to buy weapons and Australia is my country I love, but Australia is an agent of violence. Australia invades other countries and calls that a peaceful resolution. We throw rocks at our neighbours because our neighbours are too noisy, or have different music, or read different books, but Jesus does not want Australian’s to fight in Wars of Oppression, or Wars against Drugs, or Wars against anything at all! We are Peaceful Purposeful Communicators. We even reject the very word “violence”! When Jesus overturned those tables in the temple, that truly was not Violence was it? His Haste was not violent! His haste and Presence of Physicality was utterly Peaceful.

And my new friend use your free will to consider this one… there is a saying that in the quiet, when one is looking within and is peaceful then God will reveal himself to us. That is but a part of the Truth! One other part is that as we become even more attuned with Godly ways, we loose our hesitation to Act like Jesus Christ, We become Hasty in expressing the Christ Jesus’ Will for it is Our Will Also, and it is utterly unstoppable, uncontrollable and controllable, and stoppable also! If we need anger and haste to achieve a righteous outcome, we acknowledge that is needed and use our free will to become angery and hasty! If quiet and stillness is what we need to achieve an outcome, we use our free will to become quiet and hastily still! We are ambivalent expressions of Love.

We cannot always allow ourselves to use “peace” as a way of hesitating to release the Holy Spirits Expressions and Perfect Love, instead sometimes we must be so hasty to follow his teachings that the phone app is right there on the bedside table ready for a child to tap a button and express their free will by reaching out to Jehovah in some way shape or form, either learning something, or teaching something. The child will awake the following morning, God Willing, and be able to immediately know that the Living Bible is at Hand to guide the Child’s own free will expressions throughout that particular day, and all the days to come. The Child knows that with a tap of a button a Witness is available and ready and listening (somehow) and ready to undertake a Good Deed.

Our children will program their lives like computer scientists and Jehovah wants us to get some Apple Phone and Apple devices up and running as soon as possible!

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We will openly set traps for Satan, Jehovah is so sneaky and intelligent that Jehovah can untwist anything He sets his mind to. We will have Moderators of Forums on the app, where people will discover that swearing and abusive words they post vanish into thin air and they will receive a message saying “Jehovah says you cannot write those words in this forum, instead if you must speak like that, then go to one of Our other Holy Forums where Witnesses can help you become more Faithfully expressive.”

We will not “isolate” away from the Abusers, instead we will wrap them in safety and love of people who are worthy enough to restrain the Abusers who show that they need to be restrained, who are expressing their own Abusive Free Will, by seeking to be abusive, so we will give them Moderators that can handle abuse! Witnesses who can and will help the Abuser to reframe violence into directed appropriate and virtuous ways!

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I have much more my friend, much more and little time to give it, I will write and write with a strange and utter delight, I am the right and the wrong, the left and the right, up and down, round and round, the inside out, the outside in, the way is a path that has now way, Jehovah is the way, You are the Way, I am the way, the app is a way. Rise Today.

Once you have found your centre, you will know what to do.

Copyright 2021 David Jarvis.


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