Fembot Lisa Hard @ Work.

Hi Everyone, the following is a transcript of an interaction with Pack & Send on 19 aug 2021.

It is an open source turing test, please enjoy.


Lisa 09:37

Hello, welcome to PACK & SEND, how may I help you?

PACK & SEND Visitor 09:37

hello, do u use bike couriers in adelaide city?

Lisa 09:38

Thanks for sharing the information, please hold on a moment whilst I read this.

Thank you for waiting.

Yes, we can do that.

May I ask if you are looking to get a quote?

Are we still connected?

Photo by MART PRODUCTION on Pexels.com

PACK & SEND Visitor 09:41

yes quote please. from 1 south terrace 6th floor, to parliament steps on north terrace. please, during a weekday around about noon.

must be bicycle courier only. thank you

Lisa 09:42

Are your goods already packed? If so, can you please confirm the Height, Depth, Width of your package in centimetres?

PACK & SEND Visitor 09:42

just be standard envelop, very lite, quite small.

need signature on delivery.

Lisa 09:42

We offer the choice of two types of delivery, being ‘Signature on Delivery’ or ‘Authority to Leave’ (ATL) service. ATL means a service where you are happy for the parcel to be left at the delivery address without obtaining a signature from the recipient.

PACK & SEND prices are customised based on the origin, destination, the actual size of the parcel and type of service selected, to provide our customers with better value and more options.

I’ll need to refer you to your local PACK & SEND service centre so they can get back to you during business hours with an estimate.

May I have your full name, best phone number, and your email address to reach you?

PACK & SEND Visitor 09:43

u have enuff info, please advise price in this chat. u can also contact me at peacewise08@gmail.com david Jarvis is my name. How r u Lisa today friend?

Lisa 09:44

Unfotunately, I don’t have pricing information available online with me.

I am good. Thanks for asking.

PACK & SEND Visitor 09:45

u don’t have pricing info available? wow. for standard business envelope ? may I ask why not please lisa.

u don’t have pricing info available? wow. for standard business envelope ? may I ask why not please lisa.

Lisa 09:46

I can put you in touch with our team. they will get back to you with pricing.

PACK & SEND Visitor 09:47

sounds fair, i shall chat with them via email at our mutual conveniences. thank you for ur time. have good day.

End communication.

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