Paul’s Dream – Dune

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Licensed to YouTube by WMG (on behalf of WaterTower Music)


Frank Herbert

I have loved Dune, and every book about Dune since the 1980’s when in my first year of high school I discovered the love of reading science fiction and / or fantasy novels. Not my first love of reading, just my first love of those genres.

Paul Atreides who becomes Maud’Dib is a brilliant character Messiah and quite a lot of cool fun to watch his growth and development across the novels.

There is this wild recklessness about Paul that is wonderfully aligned with Freemen values and creates the most magnificent of reinforcing feedback loops… that echoed into the future of the Dune Universe.

A Jihad flew wherever Paul Atreides dared to go, like some mythical whirlwind that reshaped everything in its path, like riding a giant sandworm in a raging sandstorm yet being in the calm of the storm. Just this massive amount of energy surging around, not controlled, not even directed, just localised and heading in the right general direction.

Then those atomics go off and the shield wall goes down and the rest is future history!

Here is my Homage to Honour Mr Frank Herbert.

Thank you Frank Herbert,

You’ve written a masterpiece,

We love it quite a bit.

If you’d write some more,

I’ll come to your desert,

To catch and cook Pheasant.

We’ll have good tucker,

When ya over for supper.

Copyright 2021 David Jarvis

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