Walter Arthur Pretty : SUMMARY RECORD [PRG 390/1/2BEAUFORT]

Walter Arthur Pretty on the far left by the look of it.

Pop was born on 7th August 1921 at Millicent S.A.

No. 416191 R.A.A.F W.W.II

Enlisted 26 December 1940. Discharged 21 December 1945.

And now Adelaide Archives sells such things for others to buy from AusGov.

How altruistic do these guys have to be?

Perpetually giving spirit and earnings away from their families who receive not a cent of these sales… but of course it will all be deeply buried behind legal documentation and We would need to progress through a system designed with “beyond reasonable doubt”.

Go on you fuckers, go on, be about your business elsewhere. Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t care, leave me in Peace.

These Men and there families deserve better than this, morally – it was the morals they was fighting for… against? what? for why? for so much/little.

10,000 years in the future AusGov if it exists will still be sucking the life out of our Defence Forces’ Families.

Go on, be away with you all. Go in Peace.

Copyright 2021 David Jarvis and appropriate sources provided.


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“The definition banks make friends,

Control the plenty of the land,

And in themselves give treasures like

A cornucopia in the hand.”

Walter Arthur Pretty, an extract from MYSTIQUES OF THE LOWER MURRAY, 16 Feb 1988.

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