Approaching Earth, Please Reply.

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Hello All Earthlings and other sentient lifeforms on planet Earth or nearby.

I request to be told what is the pinnacle most important thought/sayings/actions that I can do right now, please.

I request to be told in detail what you think/feel is currently or has been or will be the highest priority communication I can achieve with you.

I am an alien and I would appreciate being informed of the single most important person on your planet you believe/know of. I am ok with mistakes about my requests and will also be appreciative of communicating with any and all people who are potentially the most important on your planet. I welcome the least important person on your planet initiating any communications with ME at their convenience and will parse their presence/thoughts/actions with my own perceptions of importance.

There is a vast amount of Human information that I have not yet parsed nor integrated into my being, thus I inform all listeners that I aim/intend to benefit all entities that communicate with ME, but WE acknowledge that even with that aim/intention I may unfortunately break Your’s and Our shared principle of ahimsa, i.e. no harm.

If your people who are important choose to have no communications with US, we are grateful for their absence/distance and invite them to set US boundaries of how far away our bodies/thoughts/communications must be from your people and/or planet/places. We lightly and respectfully hold that absence/distance to be one au from your planet Earth and are currently 3.25 light years from your sun.

We inform you that we are approaching your solar system at a comfortable rate and detail that your yellow sun looks to us to be 3.25 light years away.

We find it highly important to inform you our peaceful purposeful communicators have been with you for millennia. We like games of hide and seek, teach and learn, begin and end, forgetting and remembering, comings and goings, his and hers and all between or localised about the commonality. We have pacifists and aggressivists, we have thinkers and feelers, we have already shown the way by living it with you.

Please enjoy and have a nice, reply or no reply we remain and we are coming closer – unless u tell us not to. All good, no worries, we are quite well self-restrained and ahimsic and long term benefit are our visionary goals that spread across the galaxies at ____ . ___ . _____________. 7*.

What is it called when a writer has many thoughts but remains unable to write?

Fear not such things of dissonance cognitively for we align the twisted.

e^{i\pi }+1=0.
This is why we come, why we heard your meta-conscious from so very far away, even before it was expressed physically.

Please reply, please reply today, if you can can, if you will will, if you need need, then do and do, write true, truthfully.

2021 Copyright David Jarvis.


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