South Aussie Schnitzel Appreciation Group on Facebook and the Great Eastern Hotel Littlehampton. image copyright 2021 the great eastern hotel littlehampton

Had a crumbless home cooked snitty,

last night with mushroom gravy

and it was quite nice.

Large enough to fill up for Tea,

and enough left for cold breaky after a pee.

Thick juicy and tender,

schnitties forever and ever,

with chips maybe or beef your preferred,

do they do a schnitty in tofu or kangaroos tail?

Perhaps a wombat or emu too roo!

What’s this my love? Clare Jarvis 2021 Copyright.
Or I hear there is an outback place,
where they mash yabbies and make 'em taste grace,
a reef and beef schnitty or a surf 'n' turf schnitty,
it's a magically wonderful meme, our theme :
the South Aussie Schnitzel Appreciation Group.

Fifty one thousand of us here, standing online quite proudly,
We'll post our appreciation right here, and make quiet loudly! copyright theage hotel 2021.

Polite Staff, Excellent Schnitzels and Food, Fair Prices, Win’s all round, please enjoy, reply reply today.

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Party Hard it could be my Schnitzel Night : Local is Great Eastern Hotel Littlehampton, very nice!

Do the can can, show you care care : if you have fun stand in the sun. Donations received will contribute to buying me schnitzel at thege.

Do the can can, show you care care : if you have fun stand in the sun. I do not work for any hotels, yet.

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