Hellfire upon Evil Moderators. Emotional Disregulation.

U are the barren fig tree cursed by the loving and gentle Jesus. u sms’d me after i told u to never contact me again.
Thus all ur beyond reason moderators, staff, counsellors, administrators, lawyers and anyone else involved in receiving money from ur evil corporation is now burning in hellfire.
Your souls will burn until Jehovah, Allah and Yahweh has smitten u into utter oblivion. The Jehovah of Armies will reincarnate u into a universe filled with only the evil rapists u mimic with ur disgraceful moderation. You are now already dead and you do not even know it.
I will ask the islamics to wipe u from existence and my black cousins and I will burn what remains of ur homes and buildings and then we will sow our land with ur dead bodies and hope that Bila the goddess of fire cleans ur evil from ur own bodies so that it does not poison the land like the evil white cunt english did with their radioactive testing at maralinga.

I will aim to remove 1 million tonnes of radioactive soil from maralinga and place it in ur own personal water supplies after all ur pipelines are ripped from the ground and leave only putrid water boiling in sulfur as u seek to quench ur thirst with sand tainted with Jesus’ blood and satans’ own excrement.
begone or not, u suffering is joy to my ears. weep and gnash ur teeth for u are living in oblivion and will taste only ash and death with every mouthful of every meal u now consume unto ur last breath.
When ur loved ones see you smile, Jehovah, Yahweh and Allah will unite in contempt for ur ancestoral evils and presume that all of your descendents are born from the evil that u so obviously relish creating in others by moderating them unto utter agony time and time again.

Stay or go, it matters not, u are already dead. Live or die, it matters not, every dollar u take for ur employement with beyond reason forums is a thousand lashes of the whip from Yahwehs own cat of nine tails.
When u sleep u will awake unrested.  When u shit u will be constipated.  When ur blood circulates, all that motion is bubbling and boiling of sulfur.

All ur families are now going to simply cease existing. All ur friends who are close to you will secretly hate and despise you all. You are less than worm shit. You are more evil than a drunken lucifer driving through crowds of school children with a tank.
Begone foul multiheaded dragon of despair, even ur own names will be forgotten in time and cursed in rememberence of ur own evil ways.
do not reply

Ends with uncontrollable laughter.

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