no reply sent thankyou a cyberstar sent by David Jarvis.

no-reply sent thank you

Bizarre a story told in sunlight becoming,
Imagine a place in a cruel world
Where lost Souls meet to talk in dim light,
Half anonymous by a street light.
And one might say this and that,
and others theirs and that’s.

And at each utterance from the lost Souls
is taken a slice of meaning,
And lost amidst the sounds of Earth,
And sent no-reply, thank you.
Sent no-reply, thank you.
A thousand times, and one of them spoke up.

Please sir, no more, no more no-reply.
With sweetness like Oliver…
What might the reply to that request BE?
Might it be initially “Do-Not-Reply”?
Oh why, mighty eye in the sky, oh why?

Shall I dare reply to the no replied from do not reply?
Would I dance with myself amidst utter chaos?
Stuck forever saying, please sir stop,
NO we keep doing this, you go here, you go there, but we not stop!
Stuck forever pleading anywhere and everywhere, please anyone make it stop!
My God can it stop, does it ever End?

So in mad/glad/sad/bad/dads tradition I write a Poem.
Yes, not ordinary language here, tis poetry the spirit of the irritation?
Kind Madam, gentle and noble fembot
I’m a tea pot, I’m a tea pot, short and spout.
Here is my handle, here is my spout…

But it’s neither coffee nor tea in the pot,
Just my heart at Camelot.
One Camel backed straw weighted too much
Asked too much, gave too little to say, can
can I say freely what I might say?

In this place you made for people like me.
Where we might be free to be truly u or me.
Where our isolation is framed not in utter
Anonymity, or at some elses whim,
but a selection, from Wikileak type morals.

Being extremely well hidden, or well hidden,
or not hidden at all at whimsy?
And so s/he/they stood before All
Naked and unfrayed by weary discontent.

Beneath a cyber star sent.

naked and unfrayed by weary discontent

Copyright 2021 David Jarvis.


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