Sis, a poetic work by David Jarvis, 9 december 2021.

Sis, by david jarvis. 9/12/2021. I assert my moral right as the author of this poetic work.
no reply, no reply, why is there no reply, no reply.

All my life i said yes to sis, yes yes yes.

I’ll do my best for her. Yes yes yes I said all the time

to answer every question about anything sis asked.

No reply no reply.

My pain matters not to sis, she lives in bliss,

to busy to reply.

Never apologises, gives silence as her answers,

calls police with guns on me,

mental triage by coppers is no fun,

I aimed to be a shining sun for her.

No reply, no reply, does sis even read

trauma informed practice?

No reply, no reply.

Care not she shows > stop talking

with me about this sis writes,

this is not a helpful conversation for

either of us, she writes in silence.

Inconsiderate of my needs yet again,

the same old refrain,

no reply, no reply.

why why why?

I was raped and bashed and hurt again and again.

no reply no reply.

sis won’t even acknowledge

what happened to me.

beyond reasonable doubt has her too

no balanced probabilities for her,

no reply no reply no reply.


David Jarvis 9/12/2021.

silence allows violence
silence allows violence

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One thought on “Sis, a poetic work by David Jarvis, 9 december 2021.

  1. It would be good to have response from sarah to your poem David

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