Squash court content creation

Content creation and publication is one super duper way to grow businesses. People genuinely love to contribute their own content – after all that is what facebook, twitter, linkedin, strava, pinterest, instagram, wordpress, tiktok, youtube, tumblr, spotify, soundcloud, deviantart and so many other social media sites do. Facilitate the user to contribute… thus…

working out some camera angles at the mount barker recreation centre
videoing the video on the red chair near the stairs brought inside
behind the scenes, off stage the ipad held up with a prop
above the door, above the outline, a safe place for your device to support content creation by participants

Come come come,

facebook me at peramangksquash

instantly connect on instagrammy

ignore the nude image sellers asking silly billy questions

cancel the fools and their 700 page terms and conditions

contribute content creation or

the water tank of doom will run dry

and I will cry for the dead instead

and the volume will go from plenty

to empty

and the rest of the world will laugh

as australian squash becomes a farce of

no no no, can’t do that, cause, yadda yadda yar,

no no no reply, no reply, can’t do that, it’s too hard

i got lard by the yard, round my smelly belly,

prohibitions in place, lets redress that space

the new world is here, have less fear of litigation

and utilise facilitation of content creation by the user

or just continue being a loser.


It is folly, that they got no volley, no drop shot, no boast, can’t run, can’t serve, drops their racket, plays with a red dot ball on hot days but still can’t manage to warm the ball up, they is exhausted after walking a single court sprint, they spew forth vitriol at fair calls, never shakes hands with decent opponents, always consumes more than their fair share of fatty pizza after the match, holds their liquor as ineptly as an english tea totaling aristocrat, and has never, not even once hit the ball above the tin.


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