Avoid striking people in the head! Stomp the foot instead and withdraw.

The single best pizza maker my family has ever known Mr Rob Vallelonga of Bonanza pizza Craigmore South Australia was killed by a single blow to the side of the head by Danny Nedza in Rundle Street Adelaide South Australia in May 2014.

Rob was long a friend of mine, in the sense that I always paid him for the brilliant pizza’s he made, and my mates and I who attended Craigmore High School would frequently utilise Bonanza Pizza for our friday night feasts. Rob was keen for us to provide him feedback about his pizza and he and I worked on putting the topping all the way to the edge, and having a thick style pizza on his menu. Rob said that thick style pizza’s needed about half an extra serve of the dough to thus become thick! Rob lent me $50 once and I did indeed repay him every sent. When Rob crossed me off the handwritten list in the notebook he kept for such things, I noted Robs’ comment that one other friend of mine had not repaid his own borrowed $50 that Rob had generously lent. Pay your debt to a family still grieving.

I was a meat lovers kind of guy, and would add prawns, mushrooms and chicken to the basic meat lovers. Tomato base sauce was, and still is my preference. I believe Rob’s parents handmade the macaroni cheese that I much preferred to the lasagna, as the mac just had more flavour and was cheaper. On that macaroni cheese I would ask Rob to put a handful of mozarella cheese rather than his normal parmesan cheese, I just loved the extra gooyness of mozarella.

When playing squash at Craigmore YMCA, us squash players would frequently get a Bonanza party pizza for dinner, and wolf down the bazillion wonderful calories that we’d all chip in for. One of us would walk the 20 metres to Rob’s shop pay in cash, walk back to the ymca and all 8 players of the squash sa competition would devour the best pizza on the planet.

image from a google search, looks like a meat lovers with chicken, topping right to the edge.

We noted (in the 1980’s and 1990’s) that Rob could sell us a delicious party pizza for $20, that would take about 20 minutes for him to create, but that it would cost me about $30 and 90 minutes to make a lasagna, on that single occasion I attempted to feed the players my own handmade stuff. One gentleman opposition player, whose name I do not recall mixed the wynns coonawarra red I brought to supper with a cold cocacola, which I thought was weird, be hey, each to their own.

One night Bonanza got the order wrong, shit happens, it was the drivers fault that time, he’d just messed up and delivered the wrong order to us, and vanished off to another client. I phoned Bonanza back and explained what happened, was told, “u keep the one we gave u incorrectly and I’ll make another one in replacement.”

A few minutes later the driver arrived with the original correct pizza hoping to just swap the two, and thus correct his mistake, but it was too late, so the driver left us the original pizza and we kept the incorrect pizza too. Shortly thereafter in less than 15 minutes, a third pizza was delivered to restore the drivers error, but we was so full we had to save it for later. Mistakes happen, but sorry is not enough, instead fix and redress the mistake until the other person is satisfied and can forgive you.

Single strikes to the head have killed people all around the globe. Here are a few online publications you can familiarise yourself with to provoke yourself to NEVER EVER STRIKE A PERSON IN THE HEAD!

think peace, if you’re fighting do not strike the head!
avoid the head, disable the leg and withdraw, call the cops and run away!
traumatic brain injuries can last a lifetime… if the victim survives.
CRIMES ACT 1958 – SECT 4A Manslaughter—single punch or strike taken to be dangerous act (austlii.edu.au)
Rest in Peace Rob Vallelonga, you reside in the Garden of Eden making pizza’s for the Gods and Angels themselves. The Alpha and the Omega bows low in honour at your supreme skill of food production and we all hope and pray Bonanza Pizza Craigmore continues to provide fair and reasonable profit for its family and friends and brilliant food for locals.

Come face me at the water tank of doom,

There is plenty of room, for the rains fall less

and less in my country,

and the volume is running dry,

i don’t know why, but right now I cry.

Tears for the dead will fill the tank of doom.

Avoid the head, strike the leg and withdraw,

break the foot of the attacker and run away,

stomp on their toes, kick them in the shin or knee

avoid the head, strike anywhere else instead.

Manslaughter, pfft, head strikes are known to kill,

You fracking legalise piss weak cunts,

if one is dead, does the terminology matter?

Dead instead, death without breath, manslaughter leaves

a daughter fatherless.

Serve your time for your crime, then offer apology?

Eat that apology, you should go door knocking in

Craigmore and apologise to every local who can

no longer enjoy Robs’ pizza.

Come, come, come, face me at the water tank of doom

there is plenty of room to wash your spirit white

with the blood of the lambs delight.

Peace and prosperity to even you, in restoration of justice,

with genuine acts of repentance, one does not offer mere words.

Punch yourself in your own head!

Fall to the ground and make a sound!

Rise or fall, The Alpha Omega knows All.

Sigh and cry, your breath has no spirit.

Each pizza you eat for a thousand years

has MY bloody bitterness laced through it.

You fucking shit.

King hit, coward punch, stop the steroids

they mess with your brain,

they make your muscles big, your balls small

and your emotional dis-regulation sadistically ballistic.

Avoid strikes to the head, stomp the foot and withdraw.

Harmonise with life, by never ending it.

Give more and you shall receive peace.

David Jarvis 16/12/2021.

EZK 21. The Promise of Restoration.

V for Vallelonga.
V for Vallelonga.

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