No Nukes at Osborn. Leave the commonwealth, remove american bases from our soil. Respectfully engage with the Asiatics in our region, or come face me at the water tank of doom.

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I am a south australian whom is discontent with what some other politicians are doing to my great country.

Please be aware that $100 billion spent on 8 nuclear submarines to be put together at Osborn is a pathetic undertaking that is fundamentally in opposition to good military strategic planning.

The Collins Class submarines are the regional superior diesel electric platform, and all the old issues have been ironed out. The collins class, as it stands is able to routinely sink american carriers in the middle of their carrier battle groups during the various naval warfare games that usa and aust collaborate upon.

After sinking the carriers, our submariners then stealthy slip away undetected and can restrike again when, or if inclined.

Note that 6 collins class submarines cost $5.1 billion aud.

Thus australia could build and arm approximately 90 collins class submarines for $100 billion, and do so these days inside our own national borders.

Fundamentally whomever decided to go with the other submarines has made an epic strategic error.

I acknowledge the issue of crewing the submarines and offer that those that build the new collins class submarines would actually be the best to crew those submarines.

Whereas the 8 submarines for $100 billion currently planned will be built elsewhere, then sailed across the planet and then welded together in Osborn. Those parts of nuclear submarines will (attempt) to come around the African cape, then traverse through the indian ocean and make portage in Osborn. During that voyage “our” projected submarines will be entirely vulnerable even to fishing boats of poor nations, let alone more powerful nations with modern blue water navies.

Simply put, if any nation chooses to, none of those parts of those nuclear submarines will even reach osborn, let alone be constructed on time.

I advise that you continue to work towards removing the lying soapwater that have backstabbed our people, whilst breaking faith with the french also, and instead aim to get enough trades-people into south australia that we can build and crew a new improved Collins class submarine.

Any trade immigrants that choose to live near osborn, should bring their families to live near where they will work too, and thus be inclined to be loyal to australia, as a simple observational fact that their own families will be living near to the nuclear strike zones of osborn.

I personally have already assessed the security defences of the light anti-aircraft base near Woodside, and with a dozen trained soldiers, I could stop it projecting anti-defence protection towards Adelaide in one single day. That base is fundamentally as weak as a blind and mewling kitten, I have stood inside it and was not even checked by security when I penetrated it during business hours. I’ve played squash on those courts and am genuinelly fearful that a fifth element group operating in adelaide hills could do much worse than I did, which was simply have a look around the squash court, before the “security” came along and politely asked me what i was doing.

“I’m delivering the mail.” I replied as I was the postal worker at woodside for a period, and thus had legitimate reason to deliver the mail – and indeed no security was even guarding the gate when I did that.

Our forces are so lax, i personally have recieved information about operational capacities just chatting with defence members after squash training sessions with them. Utterly inappropriate and I informed the commander of that base of that breach of protocol and did not even receive a thank you.

My own families military history is significantly longer than the entire australian nations military history, and I have read 9 feet of quality military history and strategic material. Sun tzu, clauswitz, churchill, are some of the older stuff.

Stop provoking the chinese in their own south china sea, and entirely remove the americans from all bases on our great continent for each american base is just another nuclear target for the chinese when the chinese decide to retaliate against the usa for their rights of naval passage that are evil and provactive to the chinese, in their own appropriately named, south china sea.Respect the paper tiger, or we will discover it is no longer paper and is in fact an armoured dragon of such might, none in the region will withstand its firey breath.

Leave the white australia policy behind, or we will in probably become a glowing radioactive australia.

When the chinese move on their neighbours, indonesia, malaysia, phillipines, vietnam, taiwan and etc, they will force the other asiatics to flee, or join the chinese cause. The military capacity of the asiatics in their own region will far outstrip any power projection the united kingdom australia and united states can combine from our own homeland. That was clear from analysis of singapore in world war 2, when my great grandfather was behind bamboo after the english left him to rot and the japanese rode bikes into singapore faster than the british could get onto their urine weak boats and run away.

I will not let the english or americans increase risk of my mothers death, for she lives only 30 km from osborn.

Tell the yanks, leave. Tell the queen, we no longer are part of the commonwealth.

Invite the dragon and their allies to become a friend.

And for naff sake, tell the queenslanders and the new south welshmen that south australia needs water just to drink and eat, and they can shove their mining and farming rights where the sun don’t shine quite as harsh as in my homelands, naurna country and peramangk country.


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