Poetry of the Day, david jarvis

relaxed and poised, serve with one foot in the box,

an easy swing, something that goes in,

touching the side wall to make the volley

a little tougher to play a ramy roller.

Our swing facilitates us moving back to the T,

as we hunt for our own volley.

Either like Nick Wolf hunting at the T proper,

or with a little more time,

deep T position for those a little slower.

Reasonable quality keeps the ball in,

avoid, avoid avoid the tin,

just up a bit, nice and safely,

fair quality till the opening presents, then bam!

Winner winner, chicken dinner.

Hard and fast, striking with perfection, pressure raised.

Sportsman ship comes first,

peace and gentleness to all our opponents

we are cooperatively competing,

accepting every ref’s call,

hearing the score, but caring about it not.

Magicians with rackets in hand,

we serve in Camelot.

8th June 2024, the Black Diamond Event in Darwin Squash Centre.

Roll up roll up, play the ball up, up.

David Jarvis 18 December 2021.

forehand solo drop shot practice in peramangk country mount barker


An old photo of happy days with great friends.

three girls, give it a twirl,

we remember june 21 2011,

when we stood together,

to watch a couple become wife and husband.

I thank you both for your continued engagement with my wife,

she keeps me out of strife,

and blesses me with her loving life.

You should see her now,

a queen fit to wear a golden crown,

her vigor is without compare,

she walks the talk on friday mornings,

just after the sun dawns.

Laratinga in peramangk country is her domain,

pure royalty unrestrained.

David Jarvis 18 December 2021.


In highest Honour, inspired by a fellow artist, but all my own creativity.

short story long ending,
i been chased here after running for so long,

i got no where else to go.

So i’ve come home to a place where i hold the throne.

i didn’t wanna be a-lone, but they chased me hard.
they blew all my homes a-waaaay,

they came and took me awaaaay, that very day.

i was hurt so-ooo bad, the kind of hurt

that makes you gooo-oo mad.
still hurts righ-t nooow wow.

right nooow, ow.
in the depths of despair,

in the daylight stood there, my love, Clare.
she was sent to me by a friend,

who dearly knew loves needs,
to mend broken hearts. to put peo-ple together,

a little bit bet-ter.

make those that survive learn how to thrive,

by cutting their threads to repair the damages

done by those lacking good carers.

we all got this right, to life, to life with out strife,

we got a right to loving partners without all the dramas,

we gotta live in peace and harmony,

all ways relating from all the views,

because we all just want a

home with a view.

David Jarvis 2021.


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