a few resources on bicycle safety based upon aussie conditions, but some should be good for the rest of the world too.

always be aware of your entire surroundings

always check where you’re going FIRST! i.e. shoulder check when moving into the lane.

always look both ways before starting to roll.

always have working brakes.

always have reflectors for daytime and lights for nighttime.

always assume the car driver does not see you.

always assume in any crash the car will hurt you more than the car will get hurt! Thus avoid the car by far!

Trucks and buses have poorer rear and side vision than cars, be especially careful around them.

Use your voice to shout out if you need to provide WARNING = “coming through, excuse me please.” nice and clear and be comfortable speaking/shouting loudly.

yes yes yes, use ur bell, but also know that using ur bell reduces ur handlebar control in an emergency, so use ur voice in emergencies, and your bell to wake up sleeping/distracted other people.

slime in ur tyres will stop most punctures, u can buy preslimed tyres at ur local bike shop.

ride two metres away from parked cars, beware of heads inside the car, they might open their door without even looking. when u see a head in the car ahead, then shoulder check and move away from the potentially opening car door please.

finally, if u do have a bike accident, please report the accident to authorities, most bike accidents are not reported and so nothing is ever done about the reason why the accident happened, thus we riders need to speak up and share the word about cycling safety please. daj.

Top 5 mountain biking tips | Tips & Resources | Bicycle Network

Crossing tram tracks | Tips & Resources | Bicycle Network

gcn = global cycling network are really quite good at sharing good cycling stuff, they also do alternative languages as well as mountain biking on that youtube channel.


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