Converting square kilometres to square miles, mathematics for maralinga radioactivity

When one is old skool and was brought up in the transitory period of australia moving from the imperial system to the metric system, we people born in the 1970’s had to learn both systems and was told we would thus be even smarter for knowing both measurement systems.

1.6 kilometres = 1 mile.

1 inch = 2.54 cm.

3 feet is a bit less than 1 metre, 1 pound made three aussie dollars fiscally, or 1 kilogram made 2.2 pounds weight wise.

When the british and the australian collaborated in the 7 nuclear tests, i.e. radioactive explosions in various locations around our Great One Nation, they did some damage to an area, or rather a volume of Outback Country.

Yadda yadda yar, eventually they got around to cleaning up the messes that killed many of my fellow human cousins, and the magnificent outback plants and creatures existing there.

Maralinga Rehabilitation Project (

At that linky above u will discover that AFTER cleaning up the maralinga area the following…

“The Project surpassed the standards set at its inception. Most of the former Maralinga test site (approximately 3,200 square kilometres) is now safe for unrestricted access. As a precautionary measure, approximately 120 square kilometres, enclosed within an area of 412 square kilometres delineated by marker posts, is considered safe for access but not for permanent occupancy.”

So get ur smart phone out and note that 120 square kilometres is NOT safe for permanent occupancy, then apply that to our Adelaide concept of the square mile of Adelaide, and do your conversion.

We end up with 46.3323 Adelaides are not considered safe for permanent occupancy AFTER the clean up surpassed the standards set at the beginning of the 4 year clean up project.

I shall rephrase for clarity. 46 areas the size of Adelaide was utterly fucking made unlivable and radioactive desolation, but you can still hang around that area for a short time fairly safely if you high tail it out quickly before the radioactivity shortens ones lifespan.

Just think, feel and consider,>>> how would you feel if 46 square miles around greater adelaide was actually genuinely poisonous to permanently live upon?

And apparently that’s good enough to surpass expectations of the Australian Government, the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency.

I wonder, do those fine institutions exist in the square mile? or nearby?

I put it to the australian humans, birds, beasts and insects, do you want radioactive soil in your residence?

Go check out Osborn with a geiger counter, or your local hospital. Do some physics and mathematics, some engineering. Do we want nuclear submarines in south australia?

linked via the picture to the source : Pentagon Sees Faster Chinese Nuclear Expansion | Arms Control Association

Nuclear Issues | Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (

“Rats and Tims measured how the fissile core of a nuclear weapon was compressed by the high explosive shock wave; and Vixens investigated the effects of fire or non-nuclear explosions on atomic weapons. The minor trials, numbering around 550, ultimately generated far more contamination than the major tests.”

Between a rock and a hard place.

China and America sitting in a tree, k i double s, i n g. First comes naval exchange, then comes planes, then comes the nukes and the little ones run away. It’s a first draft, but hey, time is ticking, I got stuff to do at two, perhaps a poo in the loo.


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