A little bit of mathematical humour…

a mathematician has just dropped his pants to facilitate the prostitute accepting him into the bedroom, due to the dropping of the pants revealing that the mathematician is thus not a police officer in disguise. So she takes on the provision of services for the mathematician and they proceed into the luscious bedroom.
Once in the massive room with the excellent bed and the fine silk sheets they make themselves comfortable on the bed and she starts to snuggle up to the mathematician and help make him feel even more comfortable.

It’s his first time and he is somewhat nervous and pulls a bit away.
stating, “what does 1+1=”
The prostitute considers her options and answers,

“well for $100 the answer is 2. For $200 the answer is eleven. But if you are really keen and have a spare $500 the answer is… a window.”
The gentleman is thusly aroused and hands over $800 for the service, realising he likes to cover all his bases with the smart girls.

boom tish.

gray steel chain on orange surface
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person sitting on the pool float
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roll of american dollar banknotes tightened with band
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