Austraia, the rich country with a population in poverty

Poverty is horrible, it is degrading, utterly heart breaking and pervades my existence. I live in deep poverty. That is to say that my wife and I are both unemployed, living in government housing, and repeatedly have to go without quality health care, go without quality foods, go without quality legal services, go without quality service provision across a wide variety of situations.

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My unemployment rate is $443.70 per FORTNIGHT! After the 25% of what housing sa take out of my centrelink benefit, I am left with $443.70 per fortnight to pay the bills and clothe and eat and drink. After my wife’s part of her rent payments are taken from her centrelink benefit, and the other various direct debits are taken out, Clare receives $333.70 per FORTNIGHT.

The 2020 report “Poverty in Australia : Part 1, Overview” presents that 3.24 million humans are living below the poverty line in Australia. The poverty line is $457 a WEEK for single adults, and $960 a WEEK for a couple with 2 children.

Clare and I aren’t just in poverty, we are in deep poverty, living so close to utterly broke that every time our benefits are threatened we literally have our lives threatened. Job search providers have not in years provided me with a single lead towards any jobs, not even once!

Clare applied for hundreds of jobs after completing her Masters degree and rarely even received a reply, and the rare replies she received were all NO.

Yet “not for profit” volunteer agencies love to send us stuff and request that we work for them for free, some even want us to be paying members to then work for them for free! What a sweet deal for the not-for-profit providers hey! Get the unemployed to pay memberships to then also work for free! lol, that is our end of the system, and if we don’t do what we are mandated to do – boom, our “benefits” are literally suspended with a few taps of some paper pushers computerised buttons… and we go without another meal, continue to go without decent health care.

Centrelink, one of the most evil organisations on the planet, a genuine bastion of bureaucratic bullshite designed to keep the rich richer and the poor utterly subjugated.

I need 8 teeth removed and have had my dental operation cancelled 4 times! Apparently daily pain is not high up the priority list for sa health, after all, I’ve already given them the $300 for the surgery so they have the money in advance – yet they keep cancelling my surgery!

Every time I drink, I am in pain, every time I eat I am in pain. Does that matter to sa health? We have a 2.3 billion dollar hospital that I cannot even get a days surgery in!

Fancy expensive building, decent caring staff mostly, bureaucratic nightmare of administrative incompetence.

Utterly evil bureaucratic nightmare, is this disgusting, detestable centrelink and medicare system.

We have a right to live, that is superior to the “right” to work! The right to work is being used as a means to keep the unemployed in utter subjugation. The united nations charter of which australia is a signatory states that all humans have a right to life. The fixation upon owning ones home is literally causing most of the middle class to be slaves to 30 year mortgages, desperately hanging onto their jobs to pay the mortgage and feed themselves.

So why is my right to life repeatedly threatened by Centrelink and Ausgov and job service providers?

I don’t even care why, WE will break all of the evil systems currently in place.

“And he had in his right hand seven stars, and out of his mouth a sharp, long, two-edged sword was protruding, and his countenance was like the sun when it shines at its brightest.” Revelation 1:16.


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