Squashed training 5/feb/2022, by david jarvis.

Good morning Humane Human Movers, and our particular subgroup, super duper squash participants living in Peramangk country or on planet earth.

squash training in mount barker feb 2022.

This mornings workout consisted of 20 minutes mountain biking, some quality oats/porridge, honey and yoghurt and coffee for breakfast, a cool down of light stretches, then a drive dash to the rec ctr for about 30 minutes of on squash court skills training at 10 am.
I went for hard hitting drives mostly today, looking to absolutely belt the leather off the ball with as much clean force as possible. I used exactly the same preparation for the hard drives as I use for my drop shots, or at least so it feels to me.
Straight drives, hard and low, cross court drives, hard and low, attacking boasts, hard and low. Mixed in with only a few drop shots and a few lobs to keep those neural networks flowing well.
Got the black double yellow dot dunlop ball well warmed up as I smashed it around.

dunlop yellow dot, the squash ball of quality participants.

The over drive hit hard at about service line height, which easily comes off the back wall is used for rallying purposes to encourage the opposition to not volley and thus go to the back of the court, which facilitates me getting back to the T before the opponent hits their shot.
The winning drive is much lower aimed, but (today) hit just as hard, targeted to bounce twice before the back wall and thus force the opponent to get onto the ball quickly, or just not retrieve it at all.
Cross court drives are aimed to hit the side wall where I envisage the opponent would attempt to volley, approximately across the short line and to the deep service box positions. Getting that side wall width is essential with quality cross courts, or you will find the opponent happily volleying your cross court with a volley straight drop for a winner – a tactic that many tennis players utilise in their squash, the volley drop off a poor cross court.


Mr Clive Naylor’s two juniors were on the adjacent court today and whilst I did my cool down stretches in the gallery, I noticed the young lad and young lady playing front court game, and both had their rackets held above their waistlines for good ready racket positions. The young lady showed genuine sharpness of footwork on multiple occasions and the young lads’ retrieval was also sharp during the front court game.
After a server hit the ball out, the coach asked “What you gonna change?”
The server hit the ball out again, the coach asked again, “What you gonna change?”
All the next serves improved and went in.

Today I, David Jarvis, am 106 kg, which is the lightest my weight has been since about 2009. I have lost 40 kg of body fat since being cleaned by the fires of survival and restored by the waters of healing. Stopping seeing the incompetent psychiatrist is one of the best things I’ve ever done. My wife notes that I am no longer the dreaming tired zombie the medication prescriptions had me existing as, and thus I am now free to love, learn and work with motivation towards my dreams, goals and aspirations.

Bila the goddess of fire still dances for me whenever I care to notice her. Jila the goddess of healthy water lets me know she is ready to babble from her brook on my behalf whenever I am inclined. Jila is louder after the rains fallen and the nearby river flows even more.
I am the minka bird, come listen to my stories. All bodies die, fear it not, we are all reborn in country anew, reinvigorated by the Rainbow.

rainbow over rippling sea in nature
Rainbow and healing waters. Photo by Ben Mack.

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