Medical negligence and incompetence in australia.

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re freedom from information, oh i mean freedom of information.

Hello, i’d like all my medical records please.


under the freedom of information act I request all my medical records please.

here is the single a4 sheet of paper with your private details on it.

um, that’s not my patient records. I’d like my patient records please.

no, you will never get your patient records from me.

why not?

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please can I have my medical records, I’d like to understand my own medical history thank you.

I’ve already given you the medical records that legislation requires me to give you.

Well, thanks for informing me that you have recorded my private details and thanks for giving them back to me.

you’re welcome, please leave the premises, my legal counsel inform me that it’s best you never come back, apparently you want to know your own medical history, they don’t like the implications.

sounds plausible, whom are your legal counsel.

that’s not information i’m required to give you.

is it in my medical records, i’d really like my medical records please.

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what is my name?

im not obliged to inform you that.

why not?

it’s not in the privacy policy about how I need to be perfectly private to protect my insurer against paying out for my own incompetence.

what, you got insurance for incompetence, hey cool, how do I make a claim against that?

well you make a complaint against me, as the service provider, to ahpra and/or the hcscc, then they ask you to give them all the information, which they then give to my lawyers, who can thus assess that I’ve done nothing wrong, and that gives them a good head start about defending my insurers bottom line.

ok, then what happens.

Well then both those institutions will say “the matter is closed, we didn’t even need to investigate the issue because you are a mental health patient, and thus clearly unable to grasp reality.”

So, once i’ve got a mental health issue, then literally not one single person in government or the medical industry will ever believe anything I say ever again.

That’s correct, look why are you bothering me, I prescribed you all these medications and they kept you calm, compliant and zombified for decades, that’s what i’m trained to do as a practising incompetent psychiatrist, keep you so balanced you don’t care about anything, not even your own welfare.

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Hang on, I thought you was supposed to cure my depression, rather than make me so depressed I don’t even care that I’m depressed.

You really should leave, i’m about to phone the police, I am not prepared to deal with your angry statements towards me.

ok ok, look, when you’re inclined, please just send me my medical records and I’ll drop all the matters and get on with my life.

that’s not how this works, only those strangers whom you’ve never meet get access to my medical records about yourself.

see you in court.

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no you won’t, i’m not required to go to court, that’s why I have insurance. The queens counsel team will see you in court.

please enjoy the show.


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