Exclusion, exclusivity and sucking the life out of people to maximise profit.

photo of fish bait
Are you on the Brand Hook? Photo by Maël BALLAND.

Brand : our products and services are so brilliant, we have many high quality designers and a massive revenue, actually we don’t even need you at all. go away.

Customer : wow, that sounds exclusive they must have something awesome, i want to be included.

Brand : you can’t afford us, goodbye.
Customer : i can too afford you, look here is xyz$$$.

blur cash close up dollars
Hand over your money and your time NOW: Photo by Burst.

Brand : ok, thanks for that, you certainly will benefit from our brilliant service, please fill out this detailed 30 page survey and get back to me.
ten hours later…

crop faceless female counselor talking to client
Fill out this survey before we can help you please : Photo by Alex Green.

Customer : here is the 30 page survey, i’ve filled it out extensively for you.

Brand : I’ll hand that over to our quality manager, thank you. You meet the requirements for this service which I have prepared just for yourself. (Hands over a form letter/pamphlet.)

cold glacier snow fishing
Fishing the depths of exclusivity : Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko.

Customer : wow, that’s brilliant advise, thanks I love that u have prepared that just for me.

Brand : Yeh that is our basic advise organised for those in our lowest tier of service. I reckon you may well benefit from the next tier upwards. Perhaps you’d like to fill out this 60 page survey to see if you qualify for our next tiered service, if you’re inclined to put in that effort, please get back to me when you’re done.

Customer : oh brilliant, these people really want to get to know me. Thanks for the survey, I’ll get right onto filling that out now. 20 hours later…

Brand : thanks for filling out that form. Our quality director has told me that you really like hot chips. We respectfully suggest you stop eating hot chips to loose some weight, you could look much better. We don’t associate with some kinds of people, you understand it gives the wrong message about our services. We can put you in contact with a weight loss consultant if you are inclined towards self improvement.

anonymous overweight woman doing cardio exercise on cycling machine in gym
You’re not the kind of client our brand services, go away : Photo by Andres Ayrton.

Do you ever get the feeling you’re being used by someone, or a business? That after every meeting you feel less happy, less valuable, less worthwhile and no matter what you do you don’t get respect from the other party?


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