Oversight and trying to do Task A, a story about pleb. By David Jarvis.

gday everyone, I am a keen and enthusiastic individual with this idea about wanting to do task A. Please just call me pleb.

hello pleb – I am the authority 1 regarding task A, you aren’t allowed to do task A, until you have completed tasks b, c, d.

hey authority 1, thanks for engaging with me about task A, i will undertake to do tasks b, c, and d.

girl in blue jacket smiling
keen and enthusiastic pleb : Photo by cottonbro.

Time passes, … hello authority 1, I have done tasks, b, c, d and am just about to start doing task A. I’m really keen to do that task A.

hello pleb, I am the superior authority 2 over and above the previous authority 1 who set u to doing tasks b, c, d, I note that you have not done tasks e, f, and g, you are required and mandated to undertake those tasks, e, f, and g, before you can even start task A.

Wow, I didn’t know that superior authority 2 even existed, hey thanks for reaching out to me, I will undertake the tasks, e, f, and g.

army authority drill instructor group
Authority : Photo by Pixabay.

Time passes… hello superior authority 2 over and above the previous authority 1, I have undertaken and completed all your tasks e, f, and g. Thanks for giving me those tasks they were really challenging and cost me heaps of time and effort. I am going to start task A now, really keen to keep moving forward on this Task A that I genuinely love.

Hello pleb, I am the higher and superior authority 3 over and above the previous authority 2 whom misinformed you about having to undertake tasks e, f, and g, You didn’t actually have to do those, what u really need to do are tasks h, i and j. If you don’t immediately complete those we will deny you access to the resources you need to undertake task A.

Wow, you are the higher and superior authority 3, thanks for reaching out to me, and informing me about that I need to undertake tasks h, i and j, prior to starting task A. I am sorry that I incorrectly undertook task e, f, and g, i was told I had to do those.

time passes… Hello higher and superior authority 3, i have completed tasks h, i and j, they were really tough, I am actually now quite broke and have run out of energy and feel quite sad. I think I’ll have a holiday before I start working on task A. I look forward to undertaking task A which I have been dreaming about and working towards for quite some time.

person in red long sleeve shirt holding white flowers
I really like you, here is a gift : Photo by Anna Shvets.

Ok, look because I like you I will share with you just quietly, informs authority 3, be careful, tasks h, i and j, have a time limit upon them, if you’re holiday away from starting task A is longer than 3 months, you will have to do the tasks h, i, and j again, or you cannot undertake task A.

Wow, that is really critical information, thanks for sharing that with me, I will cut short my planned holiday of 6 months and just take 2 months holiday instead. I am super keen to keep working towards task A.

Time passes…

I’m back from my short 2 month holiday and have started on task A. I love task A it is awesome to finally be doing what I’ve been working towards for so long.

Hello pleb, I am a trivial authority 4 that never gets noticed, I inform you that according to our oversight committee constitution, when you undertook task b, form 12.7 wasn’t actually filled out correctly, thus you are required to undertake task b entirely again. The cost for undertaking task b a second time is three times the cost of undertaking it the first time, due to involving our oversight committee. Thus you will need to pay that cost prior to re-undertaking entire task b.

Hello trivial authority 4, wow, hey thanks for discovering my mistake on task b, form 12.7, um, I actually am unable to pay for the triple cost of reundertaking task b form 12.7, what can I do about moving forward towards my original goal of task A?

Hello enthusiastic and keen individual known as pleb, We note you are unable to cover the cost of reundertaking task b, form 12.7, thus you are unable to continue in our industry nor are you able to undertake task A. Please have a good day and cease undertaking communicating with any institutions associated with any previous tasks. All previous tasks will expire within thirty days.

Pleb can’t feed his family, enrolls on centrelink, discovers that they have tasks w, x, y and z for him and won’t give him anything for 13 weeks. Decides naff this and commits suicide. The family loose their home to a bank foreclosing due to unpaid mortgage and the kids take up a life of crime. Mum becomes anorexic with worry and gets put in a health care facility.

authority 1, to authority 2, cc authority 3 and cc authority 4, : that broke the keen and enthusiastic pleb! Now call up your mates and get them onto that task A, man that is a brilliant idea, really great we sabotaged their service provision with that barrage of oversight bullshit. Now we can do task A and reap the rewards ourselves. lol, yeh what do we care, they not in our state anyways.

We love the distributed hierarchal run around, gets the plebs every time!

I know i know, my bank manager phoned in and said there is this sweet property going cheap in another state, I think i’ll buy my fourth investment house there.

Really, wow, that’s interesting, my business advisor mentioned there has been a spike in mental health issues and crime in some other state, don’t they know how to be civilised, fracking plebs!

a close up shot of golf clubs
The Club : Photo by Mikhail Nilov.

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