flowers for fun, by david jarvis

signboard with neon lights on street
wish you were here : Photo by Kseniya Kobi on

flowers for sale on wellington road,

drive past and wave, smile and save,

walk past and pause a moment,

smell the rosemary in the displays,

a little dill for ur flavouring,

person putting rosemary into vegetable dish
a little rosemary in each one, i hope! : Photo by Narda Yescas on

some water to keep them brighter,

a useful glass jar for storage when

the display withers away.

abn = 83 398 312 778, for peaceful purposeful communications.

I’m adding value to your day, please love your lover

in any way, on today, 14th Feb twenty twenty two.

banana juiced fertilizer, bat guano and fresh water,

hand dug with world war two era steel and wood tools,

come, come, be peaceful, purposeful, please wait patiently for me,

david the fool.

person in costume fooling on street
david the fool : Photo by lilartsy on

dressed in red, and prancing like a donkey,

dancing like a pony,

come, please, one and all, soon the petals will fall.

summer is nearly gone, autumn approaches,

love david.

14 feb 2022, by david jarvis.


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