terms and conditions, for breathing… by david jarvis on behalf of my dad.

there is a hole in the ground, on earth, somewhat covered over, which u all can visit when ever you are Dead. In that hole in the ground you will discover the terms and conditions about the air you breath. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the very air you breath is in fact not even owned by any private citizens, my DAD owns it all.

It says so in the hole in the ground at a location of which I am aware of. Please, if you want to read about the terms and conditions of the provision of your air supply, contact myself, and for an irrational fee your request may be ignored or noticed, or both ignored and noticed, or just somewhat ignored then somewhat noticed, then flip flopped around between Our departments as the various department junior administration trainee officers decide whom has limited authority over your important and urgent request. Though if inclined, on my Dad’s behalf I can provide that geolocation at less than a moments notice.

Dad informs me, right now, that NO, your just thought request is denied at this time, please achieve the appropriate thought processes thank you.

the toc is not subject to change without notice, it is in fact and fiction permanently binding, perpetually binding and everlasting beyond the existence of any and all universes known and unknown to yourself. We inform your genetic material every time you take a breath, thus yes you are actually somewhat unconsciously aware of the fact of matters existence!

My Dad adds the waste of your breath to your existing debt which we foreclose upon at the time of your earthly death. You may recall that our servant, Albert Einstein noted that the most powerful force in economics is “compound interest”, the esteemed early professor was only somewhat accurate. My DAD is the most powerful force in economics, and my Dad does indeed appreciate compound interest, Dad invented the entire concept a brief while ahead.

Do not worry! Life after death only lasts a few billion years or so, well please actually let me rephrase. Life after death lasts forever actually, but lets not quibble about such vast numbers as infinity and billions, trillions or googleplexes. We have plenty of things for you to do after your death on earth, so please enjoy your freedom during earthly life, deathly life is even more entertaining.

Please enjoy the show.

Warm and gentle regards, David Jarvis, acting on behalf of my Dad.

terms and conditions of the air you breath, first reading by david jarvis

?????whats that????,

You need me to rephrase for clearer understanding, ok, fair enough…

Jhe terms and conditions of Life on earth are actually very simple. You have free will.
because i’m a nice guy, I share with you the following knowledge > the terms and conditions of life’s free will ONLY exist whilst you are alive in Earths volume and earths associated solar system, which my Dad owns entirely and perpetually. You see how nice a fellow is my Dad, he lets you live on his planet in his solar system!

fortunately, yhw terms and conditions of your perpetual life after death, those are directly related to what you did with allya free will expressions during your life on earth.

somethings occur, please enjoy the shoW.

by david jarvis, on behalf of my DaD.

(time passes)…(time continues).

oh really, look if you cannot be bothered to read the terms and conditions in the freely provided holy books that Our Great Parents have provided you, then really, what am I supposed to do with yourselves? Do you want me to spoon feed it all to you?

You are in trouble, we are displeased with what you are doing with Our Planet. Stop being so naughty at your earliest convenience.

Your free will does not remove the consequences of your actions from being expressed, OK. Please on your own behalf, understand that!

Like you have the free will to not do your study, or not educate yourself, but that doesn’t mean you then have the knowledge to understand what was contained in that study and education. Like you can hold the position that 1+1=2, and that is accurate in the Arabian decimal number system, but when you decide to redefine 1+1=11, that is not actually truth under the current definitions. Somewhat similarly, if you hold that 1+1= a window, then fair enough, perhaps some prostitute will let you believe that after you pay her $500, but truthfully, no 1+1= does not equal a window, ok mate, you with me yet?

please enjoy the show, weird stuff is going onwards and upwards, the reporting of your free will choices is making some notifications pile up a little bit higher. Apparently you are not happy with the way my Dad has set up the universe. Look, sincerely, you are welcome to leave Dads’ universal system at anytime you can achieve the appropriate processes to do so.

Does that sound reasonable, or unreasonable to yourself?

Dad will parse your answer even before you think/feel it yourself.

Kind regards, david jarvis, acting on behalf of my Dad. The third millennium on earth.

david jarvis on behalf of my dad, third millenium, earth.

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