The cursed gift. Investing in others as a strategy of goodwill exploitation.

Have you ever received a cursed gift? How would you know if it was cursed?

ans =

You’ve been working very hard and engaging widely in community roles and you get noticed by wealthy people.
you received a gift to the value of 1 from one of the people whom is very wealthy.
you felt flattered and happy to receive the gift value 1.
You became loyal and return a gift value 10, you speak highly of the other person.

a man smiling at the camera
Gift from a wealthy person : Photo by RODNAE Productions on

Later you give another gift of value 10. And you noted that they happily gave you another gift, value 1 in return on your birthday maybe.
You are loyal, giving is joyous for yourself, you like to give and you appreciate receiving.
You give another gift, value 10.
Stuff happens, and even though you don’t particularly much count these things, you are educated and notice that on the ledger of gifts, you have received value 2, and given value 30.

That has a somewhat bitter taste, even though you like to give, it gnaws in your mind. You reevaluate the situation. You note that you are fiscally poor and volunteering widely paying for all your own expenses. You note they are fiscally wealthy and somehow others cover all their expenses when they “volunteer”, weirdly their volunteering actually still creates wealth for them.

The other is silent, extensively. You continue in your volunteering and community engagement.

Later, you are in desperate hardship, you think, hey this other gave me a gift previously, maybe they care enough to help me in my time of hardship.

hardship of life
Hardship, but continuing onwards and upwards : Photo by Shahadat Hossain on

Can you help me, I need value 5?
I am not going to fund yourself.
Fair enough, I appreciate all you’ve done for me in the past.

Your situation grows worse > I am totally broke, I really need anything you can do for me, even value 2 would be great please.
Silence, birds chirping.

I’ll just keep struggling on with my stuff, here is the very best of my artwork, i hope you can enjoy it, feel free to share it around.
Please refrain from sending me your artwork material, thank you.

It wasn’t a gift you got, it was the other person investing in your goodwill. They gave you a trivial gift to facilitate yourself giving even more in return, maybe unintentionally, maybe as an intentional strategy.

They are wealthy for a reason! They know how to exploit others through others goodwill. They may even seem charming and friendly. They always say hello.

Perhaps its time to say goodbye to them? Or not. Give them yet another gift. How many gifts do you have to give away?

please enjoy the show.


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