Positive Parenting, poor parenting, teaching and ways forward by david jarvis 2022.

mother and daughters wearing white dresses
Children rest their weary heads upon your strong shoulders : Photo by Galina Yarovaya. on Pexels.com

Some examples of poor parenting and poor teaching and a comment about it…
reprimanding children often, avoid being hyper critical, bracket with positivity and balance reprimands in private situations.
withholding affection, children need affection so much to develop healthily.
disciplining children publicly, do you want to be disciplined in front of your friends?
all advice, no encouragement, I like how you are really working on this, how about we try this one too…
not setting rules, children need boundaries, it’s adults role to set quality boundaries.
comparing your child with others, internal reasons for motivation is more powerful and healthy.
not respecting childrens feelings, childrens feelings are even stronger than your own.
being a poor example, if you are lazy or angry most of the time, your children will absorb that.
being overprotective, protection is one thing, a cotton wool blanket is another.
lack of trust in the child, we all have the right to make mistakes.

poor parenting creates in the child…
antisocial behaviour
poor resilience
difficulty in managing relationships

girl sitting on her desk looking angry
Angry children have the right to be angry : Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

how to be good parent…
hands on parenting, you’re not a lawn mower parent, but you are involved.
do not shout, speak at comfortable volume, speak calmly.
give reasons that are real reasons, “not because i said so”, if you can’t explain why – examine your real reasons.
set rules and explain why that rule is set. Why is that rule set like that?
give your child options, food, clothing. You can be sneaky! You can have baked beans on toast, or cheese on toast with baked beans on the side.
don’t raise your hand, be gentle and kind. Adults are powerful, remember that, do you want to be treated gently and with kindness?

person holding yellow black eyed susan flowers in bloom
Be gentle holding a flower, please : Photo by Javon Swaby on Pexels.com

Children are flowers, give them quality environments, plenty of loving water loving light and they will become even more beautiful, flowering into something wonderous, a warm caring well balanced adult.


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