Lifes necessary functions

Humans need MOVEMENT.


Humans need METABOLISM.

Humans need DIGESTION.

Humans need EXCRETION.


Humans need GROWTH.

Humans need BOUNDARIES.

Your survival needs are Oxygen, Water, Nutrients, appropriate body temperature, and appropriate atmospheric pressure. You need homeostasis, which relies upon positive and negative feedback processes.

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You are matter, that is to say, atoms, molecules and thus you are a biomechanical, biochemical, biospiritual thing. You are made of the matter created in the fusion of stars, and the processes of the universe. It does not matter whether you believe a Being created life by purposeful design, or whether life evolved by random chance, natural selection and the various other proposed ideas about abiogenesis and the ultimate start of life and/or the entire universe. What matters is YOUR MATTER! Thus be super duper fracken extra careful about the matter you consume and the way you use your own energy.

Do the mathematics of chemistry please.

If you weigh about 70 kilograms, then one estimation of the amount of atoms in your body is : 7 * 10^27, which is read as, seven times ten to the power of twenty seven, which is 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms, also shown in a calculator as

70 kilograms in the human body, is approximately that number of atoms.

So do the maths, how many atoms in your body, approximately?

Can you even count the number of hairs on your head?

I have eight fingers and two thumbs, which is uncommonly known as ten digits.

close up photo of angry looking koala
Two Thumbs : Photo by Pixabay on

I am a decimal, just a dot. A blip. dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot … — …

I am an infinitesimally tiny network system of biochemical molecules bounded in a pressurized atmosphere floating around a clump of solidified materials, traversing around the sun in an ellipse.

pulp that into your head please fred

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squash that into your brain please jane.

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