the Old Foe resurfaceS… by david jarvis 2022.

I recall some old novel i red long ago.

cheerful young multiethnic parents admiring sleeping baby on bed
Parents and infant : Photo by William Fortunato on

Two parents loved each other very much and conceived a child who was born and was still in infant hood when one parent got word an ancient and deadly family enemy had resurfaced. So the parental relationship became strained, and people saw their stress and attributed that to young parenthood. And some of that did occur, but the real story is threats and risks came closer to the young family. Worse, a friend got hurt. Then something was stolen. And finally a clear message.

mad formal executive man yelling at camera
A clear message : Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

So the parents broke up horribly, violently and the hunted one left and was persecuted for running. But that was the choice made, to split their small family so they all might live, or not. But the hunted one opened an account and put money and resources away for the infant, for the day a possible respite from being hunted might present itself, and the gifts longevity would prove the parents love for the lost child.

In the middle part of the story, the lead character turned into the infant who became an experienced adult and was self sufficient, well prepared and resourceful.

woman and boy sitting on dock holding fishing rod
Learning the essentials : Photo by Alexandr Podvalny on

For decades the parents kept their public enmity to show they were fully separated and thus lessened risk, but they still looked at the same moon occasionally and recalled the infants conception.

Each parent spent considerable resources and effort to see that the infant grew to be a child that knew some very certain highly important processes. Over the years, after thousands of exposures to vast topics, the child grew to be an adult master of more than one field, including but not limited to movement, observation, reassessing errors and silence. Eventually the infant-adult was wiser than both parents and thus came to honour them both deeply and be wisely respected in return.

The parents’ enemy was the fourth human the infant-adult tracked, but the first it hunted.

Daj. 2022.


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