Fasting to loose weight fast, by david jarvis 2022.

What is the most efficient method for weight loss?

Fasting, that is to simply not eat, or eat much less than before. It aint exercising till you drop, it aint buying some particular food types or “special” drinks, it aint your gym membership or some particular diet pill. It is simply consuming much less calories.
Fasting is the fast way towards weight loss.
You ready to just keep your mouth closed?

a closed mouth is not an april fool, by david jarvis 2022

Want a drink mate? No.
Want to upsize that meal? No.
Want a pizza? No.
Want a burger? No.
Want some extra cheese on your caesar salad? No.
Want to ride for 6 hours and come home utterly starving and then gorge yourself on tasty delights like you deserve them? No.
Want a sugary electrolite drink? No.

Do you want to be your optimal weight? Yes please, the fast way thanks.

Keep your mouth closed.

Now of course if you are suffering from being underweight, from anorexia or other eating disorders, then you’ll want to be especially careful about the idea of “keep your mouth closed, and eat less and fasting”, thus be aware the advice is for the obese who are being targeted by so many different entities and enticed into spending their time, resources and MONEY on the vast amount of products and services that are literally openly lying to obese people.

I respectfully suggest some watch the ted lecture, about moving more and eating less. Pretty simple hey?! The mathematics of weight loss.


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