Two walled boast at the Allam British Open 2022 by david jarvis

These five squash tv youtubes reveal that the aussie boast, also known as the two walled boast, or the attacking boast can be a successful shot to play in some situations.

Is the winner achieved when the opponent is in the rear court? Or elsewhere?

Is the opponents relative position to the shot maker more important than the absolute position of the opponent on court?

How firm is the aussie boast played by these two outstanding elite squash playing women?

Off which foot are the winning two walled boasts played? Compare forehand, backhand please.

Where on the side wall, in relation to the striking player does the ball connect?

at 13.03 min.sec, note the winning two walled boast by Kennedy. What is the court positions for that end of rally sequence?
at 28.23 min.seconds, note the court positions for the winning two walled boast by Hammamy.
at 29.00 min.seconds, note the situation around Hammamys’ winning aussie two walled boast.
This rally reveals the pressurising tactic of the two walled boast by Kennedy, as her opponent is unable to successfully keep the ball in after nearly consecutive aussie boasts.
at 15.49 min.sec, note the brilliance of Elias two walled boast winner. Why is that a winner?

What is the opponents response, in these rallies to the attacking boast they attempt to chase?

Do we notice the mistimed little split jump of the opponent when they are unable to retrieve the two walled boast? Why is that split jump losing them the rally?

How can we improve our own split jump to redress the losing situation these rallies reveal occurs when the aussie boast is played perfectly?

Which solo training routine will improve my own two walled boast?

Thank you to the living legends at squash tv for publishing the Allam British Open 2022 – round 3 live matches for FREE, you guys rock!

Article by david jarvis 2022.


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