Anzac Day 2022, poetry of a returned royal australian airforce warrant officer walter arthur pretty, read by daj.

Soldiers’ Memorial Gardens
Worlds Wars I and II

Goolwa’s Soldiers’ Memorial Gardens

Have graced the centre for nearly a century

Accepted care by Local Government

In full respect responsibility –

Rotunda stone was laid by Reverend Goss

In turbulence of Nineteen Seventeen

For gatherings and contemplation rest

To ponder what the ANZAC spirits mean –

Soldiers’ Memorial Gardens
Worlds Wars I and II, Poem by WAP, reading by daj, april 2022.

The roses in their beds

In white yellow and reds

In pink and varied soft

To commemorate the lost

By Lions, Zonta and Rotary

For the whole community –

The manicured lawns surrounds proudly

Enclos’d the honour rolls of Return’d League

Unveiled by Honourable Ritchie firstly

And then Doctor Shipway secondly

World War One and Two respectively –

Goolwa’s Soldiers’ Memorial Gardens

Complement the sub-branch rooms and cross

The statue with the names of those who serv’d

And local families who suffered loss –

The peaceful place absorb’d the atmosphere

A residents’ and callers’ legacy

We will remember them they are assur’d

How could we forget their sincerity.

5 Nov 2009, by W.A.P.

video by David Jarvis.


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