Mathematics in Scripture by david jarvis 10th May 2022.

g’day mathematicians!

In this maths essay you will become more familiar with mathematics within the context of scripture.

Alpha task : In the beginning God created which two things? Genesis 1:1. What is the number system based upon 1’s and 0’s?

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Computers use a number system based upon 2 values, on and off, or 1 and 0 : Photo by Josh Sorenson on

There are 66 books in the Holy Bible. 66 = 11 multiplied by 6. Your legs approximate looking like the number eleven, multiplied by the number of days of work before you rest. Exodus 20:9, is one place we can discover how many days of work before resting. What did Jesus say about healing on the sabbath?

In Job 5: 19 we discover that happy is the man whom God reproves, and He will save you from six calamities, and that even the seventh will not harm you. If only seven people are saved from six calamities each, how many individual calamities has our Lord saved people from?

If we note that seven calamities are implied in Job 5:19, and consider seven faithful people. Understanding computer programming language syntax is highly useful, thus please consider that 7^2 is seven squared.

seven multiplied by seven equals 7 X 7 = 7*7 = 49 = 7^2 = seven raised to the power of two = 7 squared. Which of those are english language, which are best for hand written maths, and which two are best suited for computer programming?

After the Lord said to Paul in Acts 18: 9-11, “Do not be afraid, but keep on speaking and do not keep silent for I am with you and no man will assault you to harm you; for I have many people in this city.” How many months did Paul stay in that city teaching the word of God? In Australia which age is the final year of legal childhood?

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A lion at each end, resting upon some grass : Photo by Pixabay on

In 1 Kings 10:20, we discover, “And there were 12 lions standing on the six steps, one at each end of the six steps. No other kingdom had made anything like it.” How many lions are on each step? Hint, Twelve lions divided by two steps equals? thus 12/2 = __.

Please examine 1 Chronicles 9:44, you will discover that A’zel had six sons and their names. How many syllables are totaled from examining the six sons’ names? Hint, the first sons’ name is Azrikam, which has 3 syllables.

Note that a cubit is sometimes defined as 44 cm, and a span in ancient times was defined as half a cubit. If you are discontent with the accuracy of cubit = 44 cm, what is a more accurate definition for cubit?

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Approximately from your elbow to your finger tips is a cubit : Photo by cottonbro on

In 1 Samuel 17 we read that a champion came out of the camps of the Philistines named Goliath and his height was six cubits and a span. Please convert 6 cubits and a span to centimeters to discover the height of the champion whom David slew with only 1 slung stone.

Omega task : If we consider the two answers for the height of Goliath in centimeters, what is the relative error of the less accurate definition relative to the more accurate definition?

relative error = (less accurate definition minus more accurate definition) / more accurate definition. Please note we can also define relative error as relative accuracy thusly…

RE = relative accuracy = (measurement1 – measurement2) / measurement2, and you may have those definitions confirmed for yourself when you study university mathematics or physics.

thus ; RE = (44 – 44.5) / 44.5 = -0.01123595505.

What does the negative sign tell you about this?

Do you want to keep the negative sign in, or apply absolute value to the answer?

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