Enshrined psychological abuse by australian government and profit mad entities.

Treating you badly because of things you can’t change — for example, your religion, race, past, disability, gender, sexuality, or family
Ignoring you or pretending you aren’t there.

Those two are precisely and exactly what Centrelink does to millions of australians every day.
When you are disabled or unemployed, centrelink will treat you badly about what you cannot change and keep you so poverty stricken you cannot even get consistent quality medical care. Then when one has a total break down, the public health system is so strained, you will do well to survive it. After you get out you won’t get consistent assistance because you are no longer an emergency and thus inevitably you will have another break down.

Meanwhile, when you apply for disability support pension, your application is likely to be rejected so often that all your complaints and efforts will be ignored and centrelink will pretend you aren’t even disabled. Meanwhile no employer will hire you because they see you are “disabled”, and just ignore your application.

centrelink, keeping Citizens in poverty forever by david jarvis 2022.

If you are a “job seeker” the main purpose of “job providers” is not to provide you with a job, but instead to mandate that you look for a job that you will not actually be successful in. If you miss one single appointment the “job provider” will immediately suspend the life saving meagre payments citizens need just to eat and drink and thus apply pressure for compliance upon yourself and the middle class.

Get a job or die is the real Centrelink motto.

The vast majority of people do want to work, they try every day to do useful things, but the reality of the modern world is that not everyone actually needs to work “full time” for society to function effectively. Aiming for perpetual profit growth is stupidity. Australia needs some good old stagnation with rest and recovery.

The aussie economy needs bed rest, not more 100 metre sprints till it vomits.

Centrelink is one of the most evil organisations in australia, burn it down. I will not vote for either of the two “major” parties, they both support centrelink keeping citizens in perpetual severe poverty.

Go read the constitutional statements of many incorporations, you will discover horrors upon horrors written in legalise terminology.

Privacy policy = your privacy is not private at all, we will give your information to whomever will pay to receive it!

Terms and conditions = subject to change without notice!

Rights and responsibilities = you have few rights and all the responsibility. This incorporation has all the rights and has no responsibility for any harms not proven in a court of law beyond reasonable doubt.

I have a grievance about such n such.
We are sad you feel that way.
I have a grievance about such and such, please redress the harm done to me.
That matter is closed.
What did you do about my grievance?
The matter is filed.
What investigation did you undertake about my grievance?
I have raised the grievance with the authority above you.
That’s amusing.

first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.


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