Optimality by David Jarvis, May 2022

If you look too good, people will hate you.
If you look too bad, people will hate you.
Goldilocks knows something about juuuust right.
Oh wait, right, I mean left.
It takes two wings, right and left to fly a bird
away from a herd of cats.

assorted color kittens
Herd of cats : Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It takes a pack of dogs to herd the cats,
they’ll bark and growl, and snarl
down low and up high,
and the little raven can flee the introduced
for a better tree with a better nest,
with a better view and a little rest.

So just fly away with a worm,
the worm is squiggling and struggling,
but the beak is sharpened
and the tongue is rough,
that’ll do, it’s just enough.

little raven by david jarvis may 2022

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