Sayings of Squash, by david jarvis may 2022.

If you can serve, you can play squash.
If you cannot return serve, then yes it is going to be pretty tough to win when playing squash.

The boast is somewhat like a drive.
To boast about your drive does not involve a motor vehicle.

You can play a boast with slice.

You can play a boast by changing your feet position, that’s called a drive to the side wall.

You can play a boast by adjusting your hips or swing technique.

If they play a weak boast from the right rear court, are you really going to play a cross court back to the right rear court?

If you are so late on the ball you are afraid to hit straight, go high instead.
Hunt the volley.

Play the ball towards where you know they are not.

Your opponent is probably somewhere on a straight line between where they last connected with the ball and the T.

If you’ve never done twenty straight line court sprints in a single rally, why are you training that way?
Have you heard of specificity?

If the lob is volleyed in the mid court it wasn’t actually a lob.

If one doesn’t practice hitting nick rollers, what’s the chances you’ll hit one in a match?
Without records, you cannot accurately answer that last question!

What is your favourite shot?
For greatest gains, train your worst shot.
For greatest gains, work on your weakest components.

Power to weight ratio is not just for cyclists and motor vehicles.

If someone is arguing that good squash technique is a just vertical swing OR a horizontal swing, tell them to start videoing the champions and reexamine reality.

When you play a drop shot that is above the service line, that’s called a “drob”.

Do not barrage through the opponents arm during their follow through just because you’re out of position, teeth get lost that way.

Hunt the volley. If you can’t volley, hunt to half volley. If you can’t volley, or half volley, get it before the back wall. If you can’t volley, or half volley, or get it before the back wall, ok, then take it after the back wall.

The longer you wait after the ball hits the back wall the more room you’ll have to swing.

Hunt the volley in the mid court.

Yes you can go long from the hunted volley in the mid court.

Sure thing, you can go short from the hunted volley in the mid court.

An effective tickle boast produces no laughter.

A corkscrew involves no wine.

Recognise that the nick sometimes feels a mile wide.

man holding tennis racket while standing behind glass door
Old school squash on a new court : Photo by Artem Podrez on

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