Holding Court at Squash Centres.

Jezebel Amongst the Reeds, by david jarvis 2022.

Listen, O sister, pay respects and incline your head;

Provide peace and wisdom towards us instead.

Yes let the captains pine in remembrance.

For they are your racket-masters,

And each submits to all your decisions.

The sisters of squash each come with a gift;

The richest and poorest of players strive to uplift.

Inside the court each captains’ strokes are lovely;

Their equipment prepared immaculately, strung with tenacity.

She will be brought before the officials in finely made track suit.

Noble team mates following her, march in mute.

They will be rejoicing and determined;

When entering this captains’ court.

Your daughters will take their place amongst the stairs.

You will anoint them as queens of all their own rivers.

We will make your name known throughout all squash centres.

That is why players will praise yourself,

onwards and upwards towards the top shelf.

by david jarvis 27 may 2022, copyright all rights reserved.

dreamy woman wearing diadem on white background
Purple and white gold adorned Queen of Rivers : Photo by Ferdie Balean on Pexels.com

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