Pearls to Pigs, what a waste!

Proverbs 11:22. Like a gold ring in the snout of a pig is a beautiful woman who rejects good sense.

What about a steel ring in her snout then?

Job 28:18. Coral and crystal are not worthy of mention, for a bagful of wisdom is worth more than one full of pearls.

Matthew 13:46. Upon finding one pearl of high value, he went away and promptly sold all the things he had and bought it.

Matthew 7:6. Do not give what is holy to dogs nor throw your pearls before swine, so that they may never trample them under their feet and turn around and rip you open.

Revelation 17:4. The woman was clothed in purple and scarlet, and she was adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, and she had in her hand a golden cup that was full of disgusting things and the unclean things of her sexual immorality.

A golden cup filled with disgusting things, image off amazon by bigmouth inc.


Do you ever just know something is truth, pure wonderful truth, that works for yourself and everyone else whom uses that truth?

Then along comes someone who is struggling under some burden and you feel for them, you feel for them enough to share this pure and wonderful truth, that you truly know will assist this struggling person by relieving their struggles, by uplifting them. So you give them that pearl of wisdom you know, and they hate you for it! They reject the pearl given and resent the gift and the giver and scorn the person, openly and behind their back also. They twist and warp what was given to make it look valueless and useless.

They might try it just the once and then say “No doesn’t work, I’m not doing that.”, or maybe they seem to consider it but choose to not actually use it. Or, maybe they openly reject the advise and attack the position, and then go and use it in private, secretly making it their own from then onwards and never give the originator any credit for the pearl that was given freely. It was a gift, after all some might think, they gave it freely, so I will profit from that gift and still resent that they are the originator. It’s so damned good I wish I’d thought of it, better not share the name of the originator or I won’t get any work and they will.

It is one thing to accept the gift freely and say thank you, quite another thing to hate the gift and the giver, yet still use that gift for ones own benefit.

What am I describing?

Pride. Selfish pride. Rejection of pity.

I do not need you, nor do I want your pearls, I reject you openly and refuse to benefit from your gifted pearl of knowledge and I steal your thunder, take your idea that you gifted and I twist it for evil intent. I oppose you, for you are too good, you seem too wise, you are too pretty, too smart, too caring, you shame me by appearing so much better than me. Who are you to think I need any help or pity from you?

red and white abstract painting
Opposition to the Goodness of Submission : Photo by Sergey Katyshkin on

Out Satan, I cast you out! Begone damned spot, blood on my hands, an ocean of water could not wash away this bloody spot. Macbeth by Shakespeare, go read it.

Or are you humble enough to accept the pearl, say thank you for the gift, cherish the other for their provided knowledge, acknowledge the good that comes from their pity upon your wretched existence? Accept that their way is indeed superior to what you did previously, acknowledge they indeed do know better than you knew previously – but now you are uplifted, and now you, yourself know better too, for you accept the pearl and you are thus revealed as not-a-pig.

Things that people say to tear the others down, building themselves up in comparison.

He thinks his shit don’t stink.

She’s only pretty because of all that make up.

They got rich because daddy gave them a head start.

He just got lucky, he’s not actually that good.

What a fluke that shot was.

She’s a natural. He’s a natural.

She gave head jobs to the owner to get that promotion.

He brown noses so that the CEO will like him and give them the best roles.

S/He makes mistakes, how pathetic.

She gossips about other people and always puts them down.

You are being condescending.

Consider Rudyard Kiplings, “If” for more poetry about avoiding the pitfalls of the negativity bias.

Can you submit to authority? And thus become an authority yourself? Can you contribute to culture? Are you cancelling just to virtue signal? Do you think you are wise? Are you willing to be just a fool?

If you think that you are already brilliant – how can you improve? What is there left to do?

black close up coal dark
Coal or Diamond : Photo by Pixabay on
close up photo diamonds stud earrings
Diamond or Coal : Photo by say straight on

Wither. Rip out the weeds of your contentedness. I am a wretch, an imperfect fool.

Be so discontent with your lot, that you do as Jimmy Barnes of Cold Chisel sings…

“I don’t mind taking charity from those I despise, baby I don’t need your love.”

I recall that was written after Cold Chisel failed to hit it big in America, and they came home and worked onwards and upwards to became even bigger in Australia.

Baby I don’t need your love. Is one response, to reject their rejection.

Why despise anyone anyways?

If they don’t want your gifts or labor, walk away, you don’t need their love, nor their respect, have your own self respect without disrespecting the one whom rejects yourself. If you NEED them, that is because you are so poor you are indeed not worthy enough to be giving away gifts.

I accept your rejection, I will go back to doing my own thing and keep at it. If you come back to me later on, so be it, otherwise, all is fine anyway.

Be contributive even in the absence of love. I encourage you to have a go, make your own decision. I did not fluke this. I am not a natural, I worked and struggled and overcame every obstacle to get to this position. I fell down many many times, and each time I got back up. We fall, only to rise again. Pride comes BEFORE the fall, and after the fall, comes humility and then we rise. I made so many errors that I cannot even tell you them all – and each one of them I went back and corrected and thus I improved incrementally. I am free.

From rock bottom the only way is up.

unrecognizable person diving above rocks
Where the air is rarified, rock bottom, better come back up : Photo by Daniel Torobekov on

I respect you enough to give you the time and space to make your own damned mistakes. I’m going to keep my pearls for the ones whom show me they care enough to not trample the values I have, or attack whom I am.

Baby, I only need to love myself. Not a gloating kind of love, a caring kind of love. Not a show boat self adulation kind of “love”, but a self respecting and dignified love. I am competent, that’s enough for me thank you.

If you want to steal my pearls and use them as your own and curse me behind my back, I surmise that karma / god / or my friends will notice and respond appropriately.


“Dad, do you want your thunder back? You was right all along, can I come home now please?”

“Sure thing Son, but stay the fuck out of my garden. Your mother tells me she has left the dishes for you, probably a good idea to attend to them before cleaning up your bedroom.”

dirty dishes heaped in kitchen sink
Dirty Dishes, clean them yourself : Photo by Gary Barnes on

Onwards and upwards, by david jarvis 28th may 2022.


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