Asked for too little, got even less. By David Jarvis Winter day 3, 2022.

carnage on the roads, they don’t ask for much either, image by david jarvis 2022.

Look mate NO!

i am just saying no

know that I am saying no

i’m gone, gone for so long

you’ll forget i was ever here

gone to a new place

to work on forgetting your face

go on, you get the naff out of my space

you’re a fucking disgrace

you mixed up evil cunt

i want nothing of you, you pathetic runt

come near me again

and you’ll feel such pain

you’ll long for your own death

with each gasping bubbling breath

through pierced lungs and broken ribs

for drugging me up and spreading those fibs

about me

here is your destiny

i’m going to squash your knees

you think i’m boasting?

come here, let me show you a roasting.

you think i’m jesting?

You’ve only seen me resting.

I’m warmed up now, have stoked my fires

with the depths of desires.

Asked for too little, got even less

pfft, got zero,

got only one hero

you don’t know, you got no naffing idea

hard? l.o.l., you got lard in your brain

the same tired weak as piss refrain

I’m on my bike m.a.t.e., there’s the gate out of here.

Do you spin or grind?

I fucking fly, good bye.

restrained version of the above poem daj.
angry version of the above poem, by daj 2022

Which version do you prefer? If inclined, let me know in the reply box on my contacts page. daj.


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