applying oneself to mathematics

Success is when a person sets a smart goal and then achieves that smart goal.

Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Realistic. Timely. = Smart.

It’s a simple mnemonic to make it easier to become successful.

Do you actually want to do things the super duper easy way? If not, why do you want to do them the hard way? Or just the average way? Optimisation of your motivation is necessary.

You can count to ten, I presume. Thus you are already a mathematician, in the most basic sense of the word. You can do one plus one equals two, thus you can achieve addition, and addition is a component of mathematics.

What else do you want to achieve with mathematics?

In the australian curriculum, which I can access entirely for free online, I’ll discover :

In the australian curriculum, which WE can access entirely for free online, we’ll discover :

In the australian curriculum, which YOU can access entirely for free online, you’ll discover :

“Use the language of ‘if ….then, ‘given’, ‘of’, ‘knowing that’ to investigate conditional statements and identify common mistakes in interpreting such language.”

Why have i written three versions of the above sentence? Which do you find most motivating? Do any of those inspire the clicking of the linky?

If i put in ten minutes of mathematics study five days a week with the given materials within the textbook or online stuff, then I can know that the fifty minutes of study will contribute towards myself improving at mathematics that I studied.

If I don’t do the ten minutes of study five days a week for this week, then this week I won’t be working towards the goal of improving my mathematical skills.

Which is motivating for yourself?

Do you need someone else to kick you in the pants to get motivated?

Do you prefer to self-motivate?

What motivates yourself?

Do you truly know what motivates yourself?

What demotivates yourself? Does getting drunk on friday night motivate you to get up on saturday morning and study mathematics?

Will that half bag of marijuana help you understand probabilities?… it might.

What is the probability that I will do two hours of probability study if I get massively stoned right now?

Test it yourself. I have, my answer was less than zero point five percent.

Motivation comes AFTER doing something motivating. You feel good AFTER you’ve done something good.

Don’t be thinking, I’m going to study only when I feel like studying. What if you never feel like studying? You just going to give up because that is how you feel? Do your dreams, aims and goals NEED you to study?

If i don’t do anything at all, what have I achieved?

Given that I need to study to get more educated, to become more useful to society and myself, if i don’t study mathematics – what’s going to happen to me?

I choose to do this fifteen minutes of study right now, even though I am feeling down and tired, because I know that just doing the next fifteen minutes moves me forward. Afterwards I will feel comfortable because I made the effort and can relax and chill out for a bit and get back into study at such n such a time and place, on such and such a topic.

What is your next topic?

This topic was on “Chance” within the Statistics and Probability stream of year 10 mathematics.

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