Proverbs of Squash : Game 2, by david jarvis, Winter day 4 2022.

My athletes, if you accept these sayings
as your own
and value these directions,
by visualising the processes
and connecting your neuromuscular system;
if you call me for understanding,
and speak your own truths;
If you keep training for silver,
and keep searching for concealed gold,
then you will be courageous during hardship,
and discover the wisdom of Truth.

For competent coaches themselves give advice,
from their mouths comes educated intelligence.
Competent coaches gather practical resources for their athletes,
they shield those training fairly.
Competent coaches watch out for injustice
and guard their athletes from harm.

After reading the rules,
you will understand what is good and fair,
the entire rule book is valuable.
When synthesis occurs development becomes sustained,
Rationality will guide every choice,
and planning will save you from poor decisions,
from opponents or fools walking in their own darkness.

Rejoice in right doings, find joy in goodness.
Those whose paths are straight and
whose course work is aligned
will save you from wayward individuals,
and from the smooth words of immoral associations.
Let go of lesser companions from your youth,
forget the ones whom are not high performers,
their lifestyles stink of rot.
And their attitudes lead to stagnation and incompetence.
None of those fools are world champions,
nor will they ever attain a great ranking.

So follow the pathway of competent coaching,
and stay on the directions described.
For only the diligently training will become champions.
And the faultless move onwards and upwards.
As for the stupid, they will be let go from our environment,
and the dangerous will be asked to leave.

by david jarvis, june 2022.

Proverbs of Squash : Game 2, by david jarvis june 2022.

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