These are not exhaustive antonyms, just single incidences, feel free to use a quality dictionary like Macquarie or Merriam Webster or Oxford to discover more.

In the process of optimising ones language usage and our personality it is useful to consider the opposite meanings of various words, emotions and concepts. For instance if one is feeling “anxious” then one should aim to consider serene things. If one is feeling angry, then one could aim to consider calm things. Certainly anxiety has value, as does anger, however when particular emotions become maladaptive and destroy our lifestyle by bounding it too severely, we should voluntarily seek ways forward to adapting more appropriately to the emotions we are experiencing. If you are a worry wart, then what is the antonym to “worry”?

Anxiety antonym is Serenity.

Hate antonym is Love.

Stress antonym is Relaxation.

Anger antonym is Calmness.

Doubt antonym is Confidence.

Weakness antonym is Robustness.

Futile antonym is Efficacious.

Stupid antonym is Intelligent.

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Ignorant antonym is Educated.

Illiterate antonym is Literate.

Unimaginative antonym is Clever.

Lowbrow antonym is Pedantic.

Uncultured antonym is Tasteful.

Inconsiderate antonym is Courteous.

Worry antonym is Soothe.


Please consider antonyms and synonyms for enhancing your language and wellbeing, regards, daj.


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