Proverbs of Squash : Game 3, by david jarvis winter day 6, 2022.

To the athlete, remember your learning,
and may your cardiovascular system function optimally,
because they will add many days
and years of performance and peace to you.
Be loyally loving and faithful to yourself,
tie your heart to the valuable;
Write them on your device and in your psyche.
Then you will find favour and competence
in the eyes of Human Movers.
Trust in the process with all your fibre,
And do not merely rely on your own

In all your pathways take notice of opportunity,
and work straight towards your goals.
Do not scorn the wisdom of others.
Fear foolishness and turn away from the stupid.
It will be a recovery to your being
and refreshing to your body.
Honour your team with your valuable things,
With the firstfruits of all your produce;
Then your wellspring will be completely filled,
And your energy systems will be at capacity.
Athlete, do not reject the discipline of your coach,
and do not loath wise reproof,
For those whom have duty of care, reprove you,
Just as a parent does a child in whom they delight.

Happy is the athlete who acts wisely
And the human mover who acquires discernment;
Quality gains are better than silver,
And improvement is more profitable than winning gold.
It is more precious than bronze;
nothing you desire can compare to it.
Long life is in one hand;
Riches and glory are in the other.
Its ways feel pleasant,
and all pathways are peaceful.

A tree of life has deep roots, strong branches
with healing leaves and luscious fruit,
Those whom climb high have a firm hold of it.
High performance is rooted in sustained success,
Heavenly accomplishments grow from discernment.
With knowledge about hydration, nutrition
and breathing,
please athlete do not lose sight of those fundamentals.
Safeguard practical processes and consciously train,
These will give you outcomes
and become adornments for your neck;
Then you will train on your way safely,
and your movement will never stumble.
When you rest, you will be comfortable;
You will lie down and sleep blissfully.
You will have courage in adversity,
And calmness in the storms.

For perfecting practices improves the source of confidence;
Quality training keeps your psychology grounded.
Be generous with your goodness towards those
to whom you should give it
If it is appropriate and within your power to help.
Do not say to your training partner "Leave; come back later!
I will train with you tomorrow,"
If the session is booked for today.

Do not plot harm against your associates
When they work securely with you.
Do not argue with another for no reason
If they've done nothing derogatory to you.
Do not envy the violent ones
Nor choose any of their ways,
For civil society detests liars,
and close friends are upright.
A curse is upon the wicked ones,
Whether they "win" or "loose",
Righteousness blesses performance eternally.
We ignore those who ridicule,
and show favour to the meek.
The wise athlete will inherit honour,
but the stupid ones glorify dishonour.

by david jarvis, inspired by proverbs 3, june 6, 2022. Copyright all rights reserved.

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