Sayings of Squash : Turkish Delights, by david jarvis winter day 6 2022.

Sayings of Squash : Turkish Delights by David Jarvis June 2022.

stretch for the shot according to the strength training at the end of range of motion

practice a hundred times, compete only once.

words are not physical training

words can be psychological training

kind words will make the deceptive comfortable

a person walking in the middle of the hot desert
on Court you are Alone in a Desert.

the squash athlete whom loves nicks is slave to a thousand misses

not competing is not shameful, not training is.

a dangerous shot is unacceptable, call lets please.

whomever starts up the match over aroused will fade before the ending.

good training is never lost.

a heart in love with squash never stops playing.

one always plays, another is always side lined, that is how teams fail.

to forget an incorrect call, one must be mute and deaf from then on.

a young player should bend themselves towards a tree of knowledge.

sharp worded coaching damages motivation and relationships.

If you need faultless refereeing to win, you will remain second rate.

A motivated heart can visualise the goals’ completion.

A ball has no bones but it can break.

Decieve yourself in training and you will be ashamed in competition.

You compete after training.

The straight shot is always more direct than any other.

A little wrong food can upset your stomach.

Such a coach, such a player.

The players seperated from the team, get overcome by the opposition.

One hour of purposeful practice is worth more than seventy hours of wishing.

A spun racket ignites the match.

What a player is in training is also what the player is in competition.

The coach who forgave the betrayal of their player, soon will realise they’re no longer coaching that player.

Blessed are those athletes that aim for good enough.

One whose grip is sticky holds their racket well.

It takes two objects to serve the ball.

An elite training schedule without foundational fitness, will soon cause injury.

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