Sayings of Squash : Arabian Knights, by david jarvis winter day 10, 2022.

Sayings of Squash : Arabian Knights, by david jarvis june 2022.

train to be the player you want to be.

there are no short rallies within any worthwhile victory.

you cannot cross court until your have courage to loose sight of the ball.

the greatest danger for most players is not that we aim too high and hit out, but that we aim too low and hit the tin.

always bear in mind that your own determination to train and play well is more important than any other component.

it does not matter how slowly you move as long as you reach the ball before the second bounce.

you are not the player in the pool, you are the entire pool in one player.

body of water during dawn
A drop in the ocean, an ocean in a drop : Photo by Pixabay on

you are not just drop shots and winners, you are a complete player.

training alone is better than training badly.

do not feel excluded, squash is inclusive.

love all is the beginning, match ball the end.

competitors don’t finally meet on court, they’re within each other all along.

a coaches heart is the players school.

the richest player is not the one whom has the most, but the one who needs the least.

the best player is not the one whom plays the most, but the one who trains consistently with highest quality.

Shot selection should have three components, Is it trained for? Is it away from the opponent? Is it away from yourself?

person holding light bulb with string lights inside
Is the light on? : Photo by Matheus Bertelli on

Shot selection should have three components : Is it safe? Will it go in? Did I train for it?

Train together like team mates, but compete like opponents.

We have one racket and two arms for a reason, we need to be selective in our shot making.

Examine the shot, not the player.

Move to the ball, not the player.

Jealously of talent is nothing more than motivation to train.

A hidden skill is like a hit ball, once you reveal it, it’ll bounce back.

Whatever is forbidden the athlete shall ignore.

When it comes to the butterflies, let the mind go and warm up the body.

close up photo of glowing blue butterflies
Butterflies : Photo by Pixabay on

A squash club without other players is not worthy of the name.

Wishing for talent will not make you a better player.

A sense of humour will balance your focus.

Your results are only as good as your training.

Ask your squash bag which equipment to use.

You will know your coach in time of need.

A club divided cannot be inclusive.

Believe what you see about the opponent on court, and lay aside what you heard about them.

Avoid things that lessen yourself.

A known weakness is better than an unknown strength.

Beware of those whom received your charity.

A squash ball can support a squash bag.

Beware the level headed person if they are angry.

man holding tennis racket while standing behind glass door
Close the squash court door and begin : Photo by Artem Podrez on

Close the court door and relax.
A match begins with the service.

Determination is the foundation of your athleticism.

A rally begins with the first hit.

Be patient and opportunity will arise.

Purposeful training speaks louder than playing games.

Be wary around your opposition once, and your training partners a thousand times. A double crossing training partner knows more about your weaknesses.

The saddest player envies every opponent.

Distance equals hardship.

blue and white planet display
From the Moon to the Earth : Photo by Pixabay on

Over arousal begins with excitement, but ends with exhaustion.

Do not delay todays training until tomorrow.

Arrogance is not competence.

Discipline your players when they are young and be their friends when they are seniors.

Arrogance is a weed that flourishes in shit culture.


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