Proverbs of Squash : The Wall, by david jarvis 2022 winter day 14.

proverbs of squash the wall by david jarvis june 2022

Whoever does not train purposefully does not improve.

An athlete is heroic when their movement does all the talking.

From getting to the ball to hitting the tin is just poor shot selection.

From a loss versus one opponent to a victory over that opponent is many training sessions.

During competition an athlete forgets about the past, attends to the present and makes no predictions.

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Truthful counsel may evoke bitterness, but it is sweetness planted.

If you loan your racket to a friend and they break it, what will they do?

An athlete is not a referee, let others officiate.

A skilful player whom is angry misses more often.

A pessimistic player with two options for shot selection will miss them both.

Provide good when it is in your power to act well.

An athlete whom visualises successfully becomes a more successful athlete.

When your sport costs more money than you earn competing, it’s called a hobby.

A ball that you hit can be hit again, but a word that escapes your lips cannot be recovered.

Your training partner has another training partner, and your training partners training partner has another training partner, so know when to keep quiet.

Loose tongues are worse than slippery grips.

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Better the best of your weakest component than the worst of your best component.

Better an honest coach than an insincere business administrator.

Wise words are much less than wise deeds.

Wise training leads to wise competing.

The spirit of your sport is nourished when you are kind, it is diminished when you are cruel.

An athlete whom competes for money earns it.

With a good athlete your team is enhanced, with a bad one the team is diminished.

Among those whom train purposefully, do not compete without purpose; among those whom compete purposely, do not train without purpose.

As you train, so will your training partners.

Build a worthy team, stay on the high performance pathway, and you shall improve.

Beware of the oppositions statements.

As you coach, your game improves.

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If you aren’t inspired to do something, any rationalisation will do.

One coach achieves more than a hundred administrators.

An athlete whom can’t endure on their bad days, will never see their good days.

In the mirror is everybodies worst enemy and best friend.

You can’t force anyone to care about you, nor give you their time.

Don’t trust someone whom overshares their troubles, yet conceals their joys.

Make sure to be tight with your team before falling out with leadership.

Don’t be sweet, lest they oppress you; don’t be bitter, lest they isolate you.

Many complain about their misses, few complain about their fitness.

First observe the opponent, then form an opinion.

An athlete observes more, and talks less.

Had you arrived at training early, you wouldn’t need to stay late.

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The righteous athlete lets their human movement do all the talking.

Reports about opponents is not as good as your own direct observations.

If you over hit the ball, it just comes off the back wall further.

Your strength’s don’t need much training, your weaknesses need far more.

Make a weakness a strength and you’ve gone far.

If your training partner becomes your opponent, adapt to the challenge.

Time to recover to the T is useful.

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More time to recover from injury should be encouraged.

One correct weight shot is better than two overhit ones.

One veteran successful coach is better than two untried ones.

Poverty follows the losing athlete, wealth chases the winning athlete.

Fair play is the spirit of the sport.

With quality training in your history, you are wise, and you perform well, and you make it look easy too.

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To be super fit is not everything, but it certainly helps.


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