Sayings of Sport : Stoic Athleticism, by david jarvis june 2022.

the essence of a stoic athlete is that they will move well irregardless of external influences.

athletes are not disturbed by competition, but by their viewpoint about the competition.

a gym, sports ground, or recreation centre is not adorned by trophies or pennants, but by the virtue of those whom move humanely within it.

they who exercise wisely, exercise optimally.

to be uneducated is to experience misfortune. to begin ones education is to make the attempt. to be accepting of oneself and others shows that ones education is Complete.

to fail at the skill is to be untrained. to train in hardship is the beginning of improvement. to make it look easy shows ones skill training component is optimal.

In every training sequence consider what precedes and what follows, then undertake the session.

Competent athletes praise no one, blame no one and accuse no one.

The Wall in a Forest, image by David Jarvis 2022.

It is the challenges that reveal ones qualities most clearly.

Competitions happen as they do. Athletes behave as they are. Embrace what you actually earn.

Never call yourself a coach, nor talk too wisely among the unlearned, instead play within optimal comfort zones.

If you feel provoked, that is about your own opinion.

Injury is an impediment to physical training, but psychological training can still flourish.

Be free from sadness not through insensation like intoxicated fools, but through reasoning of virtues.

Train yourself until contentment for that leads to fortified competition.

It is better to fail occasionally and own it, and to play righteously for the most part, than to seldom admit failing and to play dishonourably often.

Focus your attention on what is truly your own concern, and be crystal clear about the responsibilities of others which are none of yours.

Competition is not entertainment, be comfortable performing in a dreary successful way.

Losing is nothing terrible, real terror is winning by cheating. Ask Lance.

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No pressure to perform fairly? : Photo by Szymon Shields on

A wise athlete is happy to check their own equipment prior to competition.

No athlete is free unless they master themselves.

A free athlete is master of themselves.

What is the first task of practicing a new skill? To forget self-conceit, for it is impossible for any athlete to begin to learn that which they think they already know.

First visualise to yourself what you would do, and then do what you have to do, then visualise the success or let go of the failure. Repeat until it looks easy.

The reasonable shot goes in regularly, be ordered in your movements.

You can be unbeatable if you never enter any contests.

The reasonable human movement always aims for just good enough.

No great athlete is created in an instant, they all trained optimally, consistently.

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The origin of sorrow is to wish for the outcomes success and not enjoy the journey.

Freedom is secured not by achieving everything desired, but by removing all desire.

Theory is nothing without the experience of overcoming distraction from the environment.

The key to athletic acheivement is to only keep company with those whom contribute to your incremental improvements.

If you train in pain you will loose physical gains, but may condition your psychology to hardship – the experience of pain is an optimisation problem.

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Spectators : Photo by Tim Gouw on

If the spectators use unpleasant language, find your patience and attend to your humane movements.

If you seek pinnacle human performance, you will not seek victory unfairly, if you achieve your potential you cannot be defeated even in a loss.

Decide to be competent and do what you need to do now.

Comfort comes from controlling what is controllable.

The world champions attitude is this : no matter what happens I can turn that to my advantage.

The hardest most unpleasant training session becomes pleasant after the shower and reflection.

The things in an athletes control are mostly under their skin.

If you want to improve, recognise yourself as foolish and incompetent.

Hang onto the spirit of your athleticism, regardless of what others say or do. Move humanely no matter what is happening around you.

Freedom to move humanely is everything controllable.

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Train both sides of your body to be balanced and suffer less injuries.

The best athletes set only achievable goals.

You should not hope for only being a professional athlete, have at least one second option.

Have this attitude; after this competition, what did I learn from it?

When you are offended by an officials mistake, study your own mistakes and you will forget your anger.

Every piece of equipment can be held at least two ways, one of which is best, the other is probably unsafe.

To the small one, they have not enough, to the great one they have just enough.

Laughing at oneself is a never ending source of good humour.

The only way to happy competition is through consistent optimal training.

Give me a shorter and higher quality training session rather than a longer sloppier one.

If you ever turn yourself to looking good only for someone else, be assured you have compromised yourself.

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For yourself, or for others? : Photo by Anna Shvets on

Seek not the good prize money, seek the good performance.

Imagine the athlete you want to be, then train towards that consistently.

Satisfaction about training through pain is to act unrestrained and may cause permanent injury that detoriates quality of life and/or duration of career. Be optimal.

No athlete is able to progress if they are doing too much training or not enough training.

Practice the little things, then proceed to the greater things.

It is an athletes business to manage their body carefully and dexterously whatever happens.

An athletes will power can enslave them or free them, act wisely.

Within a team you are not alone, your genuis is contributive.

Training optimally is about freedom of choice.

First learn the language of your sport, then speak it.

The athletes environment matters, but they should be able to overcome circumstance.

Common pleasures delights fade.

remember an athlete finds the opportunity to improve everywhere.

any opponent capable of defocusing you, becomes your master. Re-establish your focus appropriately.

an athletes body is magnificent, Our spirit more so.

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