Zen Wisdom analysis by david jarvis 2022 winter day 16.

Nothing is perfect, everything is perfect.

No one is perfect, everyone is perfect.

Optimisation is a process.

I was reading Zen Wisdom for the Anxious by Shinsuke Hosokawa, Simple Advice from a Zen Buddhist Monk. I like the book, many of the sayings are wonderful and are inspirational, just like this following one.

“For whom do flowers bloom? They don’t bloom for anyone. They don’t bloom for any reason. Flowers bloom just to live, to bring forth their life force. Flowers simply live, to live their lives to the fullest. Our human hearts are moved by their beauty, their resilience and their purity.” p.52 Zen Wisdom for the Anxious, by Shinsuke Hosokawa, tuttlepublishing.com

Flowers bloom because their genetic material has programed them to bloom, to increase the probability that the genes will continue into the future. Flowers bloom to attract pollinating insects like bees! Flowers bloom to increase their surface area, to become brighter and thus more attractive to creatures. Flowers bloom to be noticed, to be attractive, and in being attractive create conditions for their genes to continue.

It’s a survival thing, nothing much more simple than survival of ones species.

blooming flower in mount barker image by david jarvis

“So… For whom do we live? For what reason do we live? Do we live to be thought of as a great person? To be envied? To be the center of attention? Just like flowers, we humans simply need to live our lives to the fullest – that is enough. Nothing else is asked of us.” p.53, ibid.

Is your breath for someone else? Are you cleaning up the dishes for yourself, or your family? Do you do stuff for your family because that is in essence doing stuff for yourself? Do you want the high paying role to be able to purchase a big house or a big car, to become more attractive and become the center of attention? What is living life to the fullest? How else can we live, if not to the fullest?

There are no empty cups.

inverted wineglass near spilled water
Filled : Photo by Jill Burrow on Pexels.com

The richest person is not the one with the most, but the one whom needs the least.

What does “rich person” mean to us?

Is RICH, meaning lots of money? and/or healthy body? and/or lots of material things? and/or blessed family and friends? and/or peace and quiet? and/or spiritually content? and/or enough fresh water? and/or (more and/or less)…???

Life is an optimisation process. Not too much of those ____, not too little of those ____, and a touch of salt and pepper thank you.


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